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Trivia Quiz - Joseph Wapner - The People's Judge

This is a quiz on the personal life and career of former California and TV Judge Joseph Wapner who paved the way for all the courtroom shows of today.

Quiz Number: 4516
Date Submitted: June 04, 2012
Quiz Categories: TV Reality Shows, Crime & Law
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dartjock
Average Score: 57 percent
Times Taken: 20 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2
Quiz is about: Joseph A Wapner

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Joseph Wapner  The Peoples Judge
(Image Source: Judge Joseph Wapner @ Harvard Law School)

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1. Judge Joseph Wapner presided over what TV courtroom for 12 years?
  A.   The People's Court
  B.   Court TV
  C.   America's Court
  D.   Divorce Court

2. While in high school, Joseph dated what future actress?
  A.   Katharine Hepburn
  B.   Lana Turner
  C.   Vivien Leigh
  D.   Doris Day

3. Joseph graduated from what university?
  A.   Harvard
  B.   UCLA
  C.   USC
  D.   Dartmouth

4. Joseph was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star while serving in what conflict?
  A.   Vietnam War
  B.   Korean War
  C.   WW 1
  D.   WW 2

5. Joseph was honorably discharged as a lieutenant from what branch of the military?
  A.   Navy
  B.   Air Force
  C.   Marines
  D.   Army

6. Judge Wapner's profile is featured on what Judge Wapner drink?
  A.   Tea
  B.   Root Beer
  C.   Bottled Water
  D.   Lemonade

7. Judge Wapner authored the book "Judge Wapner's Guide to Small Claims Court" along with what other book?
  A.   Trial and Error
  B.   A View From The Bench
  C.   Law and Order: My Way
  D.   Judge Wapner: The People's Judge

8. Judge Wapner received a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame on November 12th of what year?
  A.   2007
  B.   2008
  C.   2009
  D.   2010

9. Before being a judge on TV, Judge Wapner was a judge in what court system?
  A.   Los Angeles Superior Court
  B.   U.S.Supreme Court
  C.   New York City Superior Court
  D.   Chicago Superior Court

10. For two years, Judge Joseph appeared on Animal Planet as the judge of what series?
  A.   Animal Arbitrator
  B.   Kangaroo Court
  C.   Animal Court
  D.   Law of the Land®   

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