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Trivia Quiz - Royals Behaving Badly II

More scandal and shenanigans of the British royal line showing power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Quiz Number: 4507
Date Submitted: May 26, 2012
Quiz Categories: History, British Royalty, British History
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Royals Behaving Badly II

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1. Which English queen ruled for nine days and then was beheaded in 1554?
  A.   Lady Jane Grey
  B.   Anne Boleyn
  C.   Catherine Howard
  D.   Matilda

2. Which king was despised by his wife, Isabella, who took a lover, Roger de Mortimer and was then deposed and murdered by this pair?
  A.   Edward I
  B.   William II
  C.   Henry III
  D.   Edward II

3. Which queen was an enthusiastic burner of alleged heretics?
  A.   Elizabeth I
  B.   Anne
  C.   Mary I
  D.   Victoria

4. Which king was alleged to have conducted a homosexual relationship with Esme Stuart before becoming king?
  A.   Charles I
  B.   James I
  C.   William IV
  D.   James II

5. Which king had a much-publicized affair with an actress at age 18 and then attempted a marriage at 23 which was deemed unlawful?
  A.   George I
  B.   Charles II
  C.   William III
  D.   George IV

6. Which king was known as The Sailor King, lived with an actress from 1790 to 1811 and sired ten children.
  A.   James II
  B.   George II
  C.   William IV
  D.   Charles I

7. Which king's conflict with Thomas Becket saw Becket murdered in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170?
  A.   Henry II
  B.   Stephen
  C.   Edward I
  D.   William II

8. Which king only became so in 1100 after his brother was paid a pension of 3,000 marks to resign?
  A.   Edward I
  B.   Henry I
  C.   George I
  D.   William I

9. Which king barred Jews from his coronation in 1189, prompting a massacre of Jews in London and York?
  A.   Edward I
  B.   Henry III
  C.   George II
  D.   Richard I

10. Which king conducted many affairs with a variety of women including Lillie Langtry, Lady Randolph Churchill and Alice Keppel?
  A.   Edward VIII
  B.   George V
  C.   Edward VII
  D.   George VI®   

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