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Trivia Quiz - Galaxy Song

A quiz on the Monty Python song that tends to put things into perspective. All questions relate to the lyrics of the song.

Quiz Number: 4444
Date Submitted: April 29, 2012
Quiz Categories: Music, Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 63.7 percent
Times Taken: 19 times
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Galaxy Song

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1. How fast is our planet revolving?
  A.   500 miles per hour
  B.   900 miles per hour
  C.   1100 miles per hour
  D.   15 miles per hour

2. At what speed are we orbiting the sun?
  A.   19 miles a second
  B.   19 miles an hour
  C.   90 miles a second
  D.   90 miles an hour

3. The Sun, the stars and you and me are also moving at what speed as part of the Milky Way Galaxy?
  A.   One million miles a second
  B.   One million miles an hour
  C.   One million miles a day
  D.   One million miles a year

4. Our solar system is part of a spiral arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. How fast does this spiral arm move?
  A.   Forty thousand miles a minute
  B.   Forty thousand miles an hour
  C.   Forty thousand miles a year
  D.   Forty thousand miles a century

5. Approximately how many stars does our galaxy contain?
  A.   Ten billion
  B.   Hundred billion
  C.   Five hundred billion
  D.   One thousand billion

6. What is the longitudinal distance of our galaxy?
  A.   One hundred light years
  B.   Five thousand light years
  C.   Fifty thousand light years
  D.   One hundred thousand light years

7. How far are we from the central point of our galaxy?
  A.   Thirty thousand light years
  B.   Fifty thousand light years
  C.   Sixty thousand light years
  D.   Eighty thousand light years

8. How long does it take our galaxy to do one revolution?
  A.   Ten million years
  B.   Fifty million years
  C.   One hundred million years
  D.   Two hundred million years

9. According to the song, our galaxy is one of _________________ in this amazing and evolving universe?
  A.   Tens of millions
  B.   Thousands of millions
  C.   Millions of billions
  D.   Thousands of billions

10. The final part of the song asks us to pray there's intelligent life somewhere up in space because....?
  A.   There's not much doing on Earth
  B.   Not many people know how to think
  C.   We need all the help we can
  D.   There's bugger all down here on Earth®   

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