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Trivia Quiz - Poison: The Other Three Members

This is a quiz on the other 3 guitarists that played for Poison at the times C.C. DeVille was fired.

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Date Submitted: March 26, 2012
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Author: dartjock
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Poison The Other Three Members
(Image Source: Poison @ the Official Poison Web Site)

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1. Who was the very first lead guitarist for Poison when they first moved to L.A.?
  A.   Blues Saraceno
  B.   C.C. DeVille
  C.   Matt Smith
  D.   Richie Kotzen

2. Which of the following never played with Poison?
  A.   Blues Saraceno
  B.   Matt Smith
  C.   Richie Kotzen
  D.   David Fontaine

3. Richie Kotzen was fired from the band for having an affair with which band member's fiancee?
  A.   Rikki Rockett
  B.   Bret Michaels
  C.   Bobby Dall
  D.   Matt Smith

4. Richie Kotzen began playing what instrument at age 5?
  A.   Guitar
  B.   Piano
  C.   Banjo
  D.   Mandolin

5. Richie Kotzen was with Poison for the making of one album. Which album was it?
  A.   Poison'd
  B.   Hollywierd
  C.   Native Tongue
  D.   Power to the People

6. Blues Saraceno started playing the guitar at what age?
  A.   4
  B.   5
  C.   7
  D.   9

7. Which album did Poison record while Blues Saraceno was playing with them?
  A.   Hollywierd
  B.   Native Tongue
  C.   Crack A Smile...and More
  D.   Poison'd

8. Who actually replaced C.C. DeVille when he was first fired from Poison?
  A.   Richie Kotzen
  B.   Matt Smith
  C.   Blues Saraceno
  D.   David Fontaine

9. Who replaced Blues Saraceno in the band Poison?
  A.   David Fontaine
  B.   Ritchie Kotzen
  C.   Matt Smith
  D.   C.C.DeVille

10. Why did Matt Smith choose to leave the band?
  A.   He was about to become a father
  B.   He was concerned about the band's future
  C.   He couldn't get along with Bret Michaels
  D.   Both A and B®   

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