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Trivia Quiz - The Party (1968 film)

This is my favorite Peter Sellers movie! The whole family will enjoy this VERY funny film from the 60s.

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Date Submitted: February 18, 2012
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Party (1968 film)
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1. On what street was the party held?
  A.   Cameron Street
  B.   Old Mill Road
  C.   Wild Rice Drive
  D.   Willow Lane

2. What kind of soup was served at the party?
  A.   cucumber
  B.   strawberry
  C.   tomato
  D.   vichyssoise

3. What was the name of the Clutterbucks' dog?
  A.   Chow Chow
  B.   Cookie
  C.   Num Num
  D.   Scout

4. Whose autograph did Hrundi get while at the party?
  A.   Dakota Jim Buckner
  B.   Montana Jack Johnson
  C.   Texas Joe Wilson
  D.   Wyoming Bill Kelso

5. Into what did Hrundi dip his hand?
  A.   caviar
  B.   guacamole
  C.   hummus
  D.   salsa

6. What did the Clutterbucks' daughter bring home?
  A.   a baby giraffe
  B.   an ostrich
  C.   a painted elephant
  D.   a white tiger

7. With what did the Clutterbucks' house gets filled up with near the end of the evening?
  A.   birds
  B.   smoke
  C.   soap suds
  D.   uninvited guests

8. How does Hrundi take Michelle home?
  A.   a Chevy Bel Air
  B.   a Honda Dream Sport 300
  C.   a horse and buggy
  D.   a Morgan 3-Wheeler

9. What is the name of Hrundi's monkey?
  A.   Apu
  B.   Daisy
  C.   Ding Ding
  D.   Sunjit

10. What does Hrundi give Michelle when he drops her off at her home?
  A.   a scarf
  B.   a stuffed rabbit
  C.   a Stetson
  D.   a tennis raquet®   

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