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Trivia Quiz - Henry Kissinger - Negotiator with the World

A quiz on the life of the man whose negotiating skills were without peer. Questions about the life and career of Henry Kissinger.

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Date Submitted: January 12, 2012
Quiz Categories: History, American History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Henry Kissinger

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Henry Kissinger  Negotiator with the World
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1. In which country was Henry Kissinger born in 1923?
  A.   Iran
  B.   Germany
  C.   Turkey
  D.   Greece

2. Kissinger was drafted into the US Army in 1943. In which country did he serve the majority of his time?
  A.   USA
  B.   England
  C.   Germany
  D.   Japan

3. Which US President made Kissinger his National Security Advisor?
  A.   John Kennedy
  B.   Lyndon Johnson
  C.   Richard Nixon
  D.   Gerald Ford

4. Kissinger made two trips to China in an attempt to open relations between the USA and China. With which Chinese Premier did he liaise?
  A.   Hua Guofeng
  B.   Zhao Ziyang
  C.   Li Peng
  D.   Zhou Enlai

5. Which international conflict of 1973 did Kissinger play a major role in achieving a peaceful outcome?
  A.   Turkish invasion of Cyprus
  B.   Overthrow of the Chilean government
  C.   Yom Kippur War
  D.   Ugandan invasion of Tanzania

6. Kissinger's language has not always been that of a diplomat. Which foreign leader did he describe privately as a "witch" and a "bitch"?
  A.   Indira Gandhi
  B.   Margaret Thatcher
  C.   Golda Meir
  D.   Benazir Bhutto

7. In September 1976, Kissinger played an active role in the ending of which African conflict?
  A.   Ugandan civil war which saw the removal of Idi Amin.
  B.   Overthrow of the Libyan government by Col. Gaddafi
  C.   Removal of white rule in South Africa
  D.   Rhodesian civil war which saw Ian Smith hand over power

8. The proposed annexation of which territory in 1975 received tacit US approval via Kissinger and US President, Gerald Ford?
  A.   West Bank in Israel
  B.   Afghanistan
  C.   East Timor
  D.   Spratly Islands

9. Kissinger played an influential role during the Vietnam War. The secret bombing of what country was supported strongly by him?
  A.   Laos
  B.   China
  C.   Thailand
  D.   Cambodia

10. Which writer wrote a book entitled "The Trial of Henry Kissinger" in which Kissinger was presented to be a war criminal?
  A.   John Pilger
  B.   David Horowitz
  C.   Christopher Hitchens
  D.   Richard Dawkins®   

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