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Trivia Quiz - U.S. Vice Presidents: Part 3

An easy one: Name the VP. Actually, who am I kidding; most don't remember the current Vice President . . . as John Adams said, the Office of VP is as useful as a pitcher of spit.

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Date Submitted: January 07, 2012
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U.S. Vice Presidents Part 3
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1. Who was the First Vice President?
  A.   John Adams
  B.   John Q. Adams
  C.   Thomas Jefferson
  D.   Alexander Hamilton

2. Who was the second Vice President?
  A.   John Adams
  B.   John Q. Adams
  C.   Thomas Jefferson
  D.   James Monroe

3. The election of 1800, Aaron Burr was almost President . . . how many times did the House of Representative vote to break the tie, before Burr became VP and Jefferson became President?
  A.   26
  B.   31
  C.   36
  D.   41

4. Considered one of the Founding Fathers of the United States; he was the first Governor of New York, and then the fourth Vice President of the United States (1805–1812).
  A.   Dewitt Clinton
  B.   Daniel Tompkins
  C.   Aaron Burr
  D.   George Clinton

5. He was one of three men who refused to sign the United States Constitution because it did not then include a Bill of Rights, and he later became fifth Vice President.
  A.   Thomas Pinkcney
  B.   Daniel Tompkins
  C.   Elbridge Gerry
  D.   George Clinton

6. Vice President number 6 - he was both US Vice President AND Governor of NY for a time. He was also known for falling onto tough times, and presiding over the Senate drunk.
  A.   Andrew Jackson
  B.   Daniel Tompkins
  C.   Elbridge Gerry
  D.   James Madison

7. He held major political offices, serving terms in the United States House of Representatives, United States Senate and the 7th Vice Presidency, as well as Secretary of War and State.
  A.   Daniel Tompkins
  B.   Elbridge Gerry
  C.   Richard Johnson
  D.   John Calhoun

8. Vice President the 8th - he grew up speaking Dutch.
  A.   Martin Van Buren
  B.   Daniel Tompkins
  C.   Richard Johnson
  D.   Elbridge Gerry

9. This Warhawk is the only vice president ever elected by the United States Senate under the provisions of the Twelfth Amendment.
  A.   John Tyler
  B.   Daniel Tompkins
  C.   Elbridge Gerry
  D.   Richard Johnson

10. Vice President #10 was Vice President for about one month before becoming President.
  A.   Elbridge Gerry
  B.   John Tyler
  C.   Martin Van Buren
  D.   Richard Johnson®   

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