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Trivia Quiz - It's All Greek To Me

English is an ever-changing language, always borrowing from other languages. Match the following well-known foreign phrases or words with the correct meanings. Good luck on this trivia quiz!

Quiz Number: 4187
Date Submitted: December 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Its All Greek To Me
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1. What is the literal meaning of "de facto"?
  A.   In actual fact
  B.   In place of
  C.   Second best
  D.   Without rules

2. What does the often used term "esprit de corps" mean?
  A.   One for all and all for one
  B.   Comrades in arms
  C.   Team spirit
  D.   Joy of brotherhood

3. What does "fait accompli" mean?
  A.   Something which can't be stopped
  B.   Thing already accomplished
  C.   Acceptance of one's fate
  D.   Achievement of one's objective

4. Plays, books, movies have all been labelled "tour de force". What does this term mean?
  A.   A blockbuster journey
  B.   Strong beyond normal limitations
  C.   Majestic
  D.   An outstanding feat

5. If something is labelled "ad infinitum" what does this signify?
  A.   A large amount has been added
  B.   Its origin is unknown
  C.   It goes on endlessly
  D.   It is dull and boring

6. What does "piece de resistance" mean?
  A.   The finest item or highlight
  B.   That which causes obstruction
  C.   Natural ability
  D.   Authoritarian style of government

7. Sometimes abbreviated to M O, what does "modus operandi" mean?
  A.   Method of transport
  B.   Operating freely
  C.   Customary way of doing things
  D.   How the majority feels

8. "Detente" is often used when referring to relations between nations. What is its literal meaning?
  A.   A state of cold war
  B.   An armed stand-off
  C.   Easing of political tensions
  D.   A mutually beneficial alliance

9. If someone is "au fait", what does this mean?
  A.   In the know, conversant
  B.   Innocent
  C.   Looking for more, hungry
  D.   Without guile or ulterior motive

10. "Coup de grace" means what?
  A.   Master stroke
  B.   Military overthrow of government
  C.   A prayer of hope
  D.   Stroke of mercy®   

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