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Trivia Quiz - Harry Truman and the Bomb

Harry Truman dropped the atomic bomb on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This quiz is about those events, and old Harry S.

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Date Submitted: August 06, 2019
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Author: patrickryan
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Quiz is about: Harry S Truman

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Harry Truman and the Bomb
(Image Source: Harry S Truman @ Wikipedia)

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1. What name was given to the bomb President Truman ordered dropped on Hiroshima?
  A.   Fat Man
  B.   Little Boy
  C.   Mother's Breath
  D.   Siva

2. What was the name of the bomb President Truman ordered dropped on Nagasaki?
  A.   Fat Man
  B.   Little Boy
  C.   Mother's Breath
  D.   Siva

3. How long did it take for Japan to unconditionally surrender after the bombing of Nagasaki?
  A.   1 day
  B.   3 days
  C.   6 days
  D.   6 weeks

4. When did Harry Truman learn of the Manhattan Project - the secret plan to develop atomic weapons?
  A.   The day FDR died.
  B.   The day Hiroshima was bombed, from Leslie Groves
  C.   On his first day as Vice President.
  D.   When the planes were flying to Japan.

5. What reasons did Truman give for deciding to use nuclear weapons against Japan?
  A.   to inflict severe damage, and instill fear.
  B.   as revenge for Pearl Harbor.
  C.   Truman always disliked the Japanese.
  D.   To stop Japan from developing weapons of mass destruction.

6. Later in life, Harry Truman wrote (of his use of atomic bombs) . . .
  A.   I have no regrets.
  B.   I wish I had a bomb for Auschwitz and Berlin.
  C.   I pray to God to forgive me . . . I should NOT have bombed Japan.
  D.   Japan got off easy . . .

7. What B-29 bomber dropped the uranium bomb on Hiroshima?
  A.   Glamorous Glen
  B.   Boxcar
  C.   Enola Gay
  D.   Liberty Bell 7

8. Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR's widow and cousin, said in 1954 Truman's decision to use atomic weapons on Japan was . . .
  A.   barbaric.
  B.   necessary.
  C.   FDR's plan.
  D.   suitable revenge for Pearl Harbor.

9. What was the irony of Truman telling Joseph Stalin about the atomic bombs at the Potsdam Conference?
  A.   Roosevelt had already told Stalin.
  B.   Roosevelt's previous VP, Henry Wallace, had leaked the bomb information to Stalin
  C.   Stalin's espionage agents had already told Stalin years before.
  D.   The bomb tests of that day in New Mexico were a flop.

10. How many people died by the end of 1945 from the atomic attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
  A.   80,000
  B.   140,000
  C.   220,000
  D.   280,000®   

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