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Trivia Quiz - Mrs. Doubtfire

Take my quiz on this old Robin Williams and Sally Field favorite! "Mrs. Doubtfire" was a great movie!

Quiz Number: 4145
Date Submitted: November 09, 2011
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 61.3 percent
Times Taken: 503 times
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Mrs. Doubtfire
(Image Source: Mrs. Doubtfire Film Poster)

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1. Why did Daniel quit his job?
  A.   The commute was too long.
  B.   He objected to smoking being portrayed in a cartoon.
  C.   He wanted his own show.
  D.   He wanted more money.

2. A goat ate what flower of Miranda's?
  A.   begonia
  B.   gladiola
  C.   petunia
  D.   viola

3. According to Natalie, what book was Daniel in the middle of reading when he moved out?
  A.   Alice in Wonderland
  B.   Charlotte's Web
  C.   Stuart Little
  D.   The Wizard of Oz

4. From what restaurant did Mrs. Doubtfire order her first "home cooked" meal?
  A.   Bridges
  B.   China East
  C.   Rafael's
  D.   Valenti's

5. What was the name of Mrs. Doubtfire's non-existent husband?
  A.   Benson
  B.   Byron
  C.   Wilson
  D.   Winston

6. What was Miranda's favorite restaurant?
  A.   Diamond's
  B.   Bridges
  C.   The Docks
  D.   Pier 54

7. What was the name of the "chimp" on Mrs. Doubtfire's Show?
  A.   Hendrix
  B.   Jiggs
  C.   Kovacs
  D.   Mr. Sprinkles

8. What did Mrs. Doubtfire throw at Stuart at the poolside bar?
  A.   a lemon
  B.   a lime
  C.   an orange
  D.   a pineapple

9. What was Stuart allergic to?
  A.   dairy products
  B.   fish
  C.   nuts
  D.   pepper

10. Posing as a potential housekeeper, Daniel said he had been in a band called:
  A.   Canned Argyle
  B.   Severe Tire Damage
  C.   Twist of Lime
  D.   Vicarious Tuna®   

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