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Trivia Quiz - Commander Lloyd Mark "Pete" Bucher

Commander Lloyd Mark "Pete" Bucher (1 September 1927 – 28 January 2004) was an officer in the United States Navy, who is best remembered as the Captain of the USS Pueblo (AGER-2), which was captured on January 23, 1968 by North Korea.

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Commander Lloyd Mark Pete Bucher
(Image Source: Lloyd Mark Bucher Public Domain Photo)

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1. Where did Bucher attend high school?
  A.   Middlesex Academy in Concord Massachusetts
  B.   Exeter School in Exeter, New Hampshire
  C.   Groton Prepartory School in Groton, Massachusetts
  D.   Father Flanagan's Boys' Town in Nebraska

2. During WWII, Bucher signed up for the US Navy. What was his rank and rate when he left the service?
  A.   Quartermaster Third Class Petty Officer
  B.   Quartermaster Second Class Petty Officer
  C.   Electrician's Mate Third Class Petty Officer
  D.   Electrician's Mate Second Class Petty Officer

3. Why did Bucher leave the submarine force, after having risen to Executive Officer (second-in-command)?
  A.   Bucher got in a fist-fight with his CO, and lost his submarine qualifications.
  B.   Bucher was not nuclear qualified, and there were not many diesel submarines in the fleet.
  C.   Bucher became claustrophobic and had to leave the force for health reasons.
  D.   Bucher wanted to command a surface ship and broaden his horizons.

4. What type of ship was the USS Pueblo, Bucher's first command?
  A.   Destroyer - anti-submarine group
  B.   Communications and signals intelligence (spy).
  C.   Oiler - submarine refit and refuel ship.
  D.   Helicopter Signal Ship.

5. What was the "Hawaiian good luck sign" the crew of the USS Pueblo flashed during staged publicity photos when POWs in Korea?
  A.   The 'finger.'
  B.   The okay sign with a finger in the center, obscenely.
  C.   Mimic of the three monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil, and say no evil.
  D.   The index finger and pinkie finger extended, as a sign of the devil.

6. How was Bucher convinced to confess to Koreans and 'admit' to spying against the peace loving communists in North Korea?
  A.   He was starved.
  B.   He was led to believe he was going to be executed through a mock ceremony.
  C.   He was beaten repeatedly.
  D.   The North Koreans told Bucher his crew was going to be executed in front of him.

7. In Bucher's confession, he stated the United States . . . "We paean their great leader Kim Il Sung". This word in the confession was meant to convey what?
  A.   how the USA had come to revere Kim Il Sung.
  B.   pee on Kim Il Sung.
  C.   the USS Pueblo had capitulated entirely to North Korea.
  D.   the USS Pueblo was in debt to North Korea for the release of the crew.

8. How did the US respond once the crew was released from North Korea?
  A.   US Navy bombers attacked and sank the USS Pueblo in the North Korean harbor.
  B.   US Navy SeALs attacked and sank the USS Pueblo in the North Korean harbor.
  C.   The U.S. verbally retracted the admission that the USS Pueblo was legally captured.
  D.   The US demanded the USS Pueblo be returned to the USA.

9. What was the fate of the USS Pueblo?
  A.   The USS Pueblo is still on the roll of the US Navy as an active, commisioned ship.
  B.   The USS Pueblo was destroyed by US Navy forces in 1969.
  C.   The USS Pueblo is still in Pyongyang.
  D.   Both A and C.

10. What was the US Navy Court of Inquiry verdict regarding Commander Bucher and the loss of the USS Pueblo?
  A.   A court martial was recommended.
  B.   Bucher was exonerated.
  C.   Bucher was court martialed and cashiered.
  D.   Bucher was court martialed, and received a letter of censure.®   

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