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Trivia Quiz - Elizabeth I - The Virgin Queen

The story of a Queen of England who overcame many obstacles to become a legendary leader.

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Date Submitted: January 15, 2020
Quiz Categories: British Royalty, British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Queen Elizabeth I

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Elizabeth I  The Virgin Queen

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1. Which of Henry VIII's six wives was the mother of Elizabeth I?
  A.   Catherine of Aragon
  B.   Anne Boleyn
  C.   Catherine Howard
  D.   Jane Seymour

2. Who declared Elizabeth to be illegitimate?
  A.   Henry VIII
  B.   Archbishop Cramner
  C.   His sister, Mary Tudor
  D.   The Pope

3. Who imprisoned Elizabeth in the Tower of London in 1554 before she became queen?
  A.   Henry VIII
  B.   Archbishop Cramner
  C.   Mary Tudor
  D.   The Pope

4. Upon her ascent to the throne in 1558, who was touted as a possible husband for Elizabeth I?
  A.   Lord Darnley
  B.   The future James I
  C.   Her brother-in-law, Philip II of Spain
  D.   King Louis of France

5. As Elizabeth I had no heir, who was next in line to the throne?
  A.   James I
  B.   Edward V
  C.   Philip II of Spain
  D.   Mary Queen of Scots

6. Elizabeth I's naval captains engaged in an undeclared war against Spanish shipping. Which of the following was not one of her captains?
  A.   Francis Drake
  B.   Martin Frobisher
  C.   John Heywood
  D.   John Hawkins

7. Elizabeth I was courted by many hopeful suitors, one being Robert Deveraux, 2nd Earl of Essex. What happened to Deveraux?
  A.   He was made ambassador to Rome to remove him from court
  B.   He was beheaded
  C.   He became Elizabeth's secret lover
  D.   He migrated to France rather than have his heart broken

8. Elizabeth I was quoted as saying, "I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and _____________ of a king."
  A.   courage
  B.   destiny
  C.   stomach
  D.   will

9. The Elizabethan Era was notable for the development of the arts. Which of the following was not a famous playwright of the era?
  A.   William Shakespeare
  B.   Ben Johnson
  C.   William Congreve
  D.   Christopher Marlowe

10. Upon her death in 1603, with whom was Elizabeth I interred in Westminster Abbey?
  A.   Her mother
  B.   Her father
  C.   Her sister, Mary
  D.   Her brother, Edward®   

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