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Trivia Quiz - Benedict Arnold - General in Two Armies!

Arnold was a general during the American Revolutionary War. He began the war in the Continental Army but later defected to the British Army.

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Date Submitted: September 12, 2011
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Quiz is about: Benedict Arnold

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Benedict Arnold  General in Two Armies
(Image Source: Wikipedia contributors (2006). Benedict Arnold. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia)

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1. By July 1779, Benedict Arnold was providing the British with which of the following?
  A.   Horses
  B.   Troop strengths and locations
  C.   Provisions and ammunition
  D.   Nothing: Arnold was still loyal

2. What famous Founding Father had a Tory son involved in Arnold's defection from the Colonies to the British?
  A.   Washington
  B.   Franklin
  C.   Adams
  D.   Madison

3. What famous US General did not get along with Arnold during the Battle of Saratoga?
  A.   Washington
  B.   Gates
  C.   Marion
  D.   Hamilton

4. Arnold a limp from war wounds; what caused the limp?
  A.   His left leg was two inches shorter after being set crudely.
  B.   All his toes on his left foot were lost - frostbite.
  C.   One kneecap was missing.
  D.   Severe burns burned away the muscles in his calf.

5. Which of the following holds true for Arnold during the pivotal Battle of Saratoga?
  A.   received leg injuries that sidelined him for several years.
  B.   received a "dear john" letter from his mistress.
  C.   sold information to the enemy
  D.   was demoted for battle errors

6. While Arnold was a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point. What was his plan?
  A.   Choke the British Army stationed in NYC
  B.   Surrender West Point to the British
  C.   Make a fortune selling cotton uniforms to both the British and the US Armies
  D.   Build a military academy for US Army Officers

7. What was the next command Arnold had, after being stationed in West Point?
  A.   General in Yorktown on Washington's southern flank.
  B.   General of troops, Long Island militia.
  C.   British Army brigadier General.
  D.   General of Artillary, Bunker Hill.

8. Who was the British Major that was caught with correspondence revealing Arnold's traitorous plans?
  A.   John Major
  B.   John St. Claire
  C.   John André
  D.   John Stark

9. In December 1780, under orders from Clinton, Arnold led a force of 1,600 troops into Virginia, where he captured _____________ by surprise and then went on a rampage through Virginia, destroying supply houses, foundries, and mills.
  A.   Washington, DC
  B.   Richmond
  C.   Yorktown
  D.   Virginia Beach

10. What became of the British Major that was recruiting Arnold as a British spy?
  A.   He was hanged for spying.
  B.   He was parolled, and joined the Colonial army.
  C.   He died of TB in a prison ship.
  D.   He escaped and returned to British service.®   

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