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Trivia Quiz - "Black Jack" Pershing

John Joseph "Black Jack" Pershing, GCB (Hon) (9/13/1860–7/15/1948), was a general officer in the United States Army who led the American Expeditionary Forces in World War I.

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Date Submitted: September 07, 2011
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Quiz is about: John J Pershing

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Black Jack Pershing
(Image Source: John J Pershing)

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1. After high school, Pershing became a teacher of whom?
  A.   Handicapped children
  B.   African American children
  C.   Deaf children
  D.   Adult learners

2. Pershing commanded the West Point Honor Guard that escorted the funeral of whom?
  A.   President Lincoln
  B.   President Grant
  C.   President Garfield
  D.   President Jonhson

3. On October 1, 1892, Pershing was promoted to first lieutenant and took command of a troop of the 10th Cavalry Regiment. What was unusual about that regiment?
  A.   It was composed of African American soldier.
  B.   It was composed of all Irish immigrants.
  C.   It was composed of all white Confederate soldiers.
  D.   It was composed of former Mexican soldiers.

4. Because of Pershing's strictness and rigidity, he was unpopular with the West Point cadets. Why did they call him "Black Jack"?
  A.   his dark complexion when aroused
  B.   his service with the 10th Regiment
  C.   his KKK membership
  D.   his sword, which was corroded and blackened

5. Pershing fought with the 10th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers) on Kettle and San Juan Hill in Cuba and was cited for gallantry. What was the award?
  A.   Medal of Honor
  B.   Army Cross
  C.   Silver Star
  D.   Bronze Star

6. In 1905, President Theodore Roosevelt petitioned Congress to promote Captain Pershing to what rank?
  A.   Major
  B.   Lt Colonel
  C.   Colonel
  D.   Brigadier General

7. Pershing led the 8th Brigade on the failed 1916–17 Punitive Expedition into Mexico. What famous soldier was one of his aides?
  A.   Audry Murphy
  B.   George Patton
  C.   Dwight Eisenhower
  D.   Colin Powell

8. How many men did Pershing command during WWI?
  A.   100,000
  B.   500,000
  C.   1,000,000
  D.   2,000,000

9. Why didn't Pershing champion black soldiers, and ensure their full participation on the battlefield during WWI?
  A.   President Wilson was prejudiced.
  B.   There were no black soldiers in France.
  C.   Pershing was prejudiced.
  D.   The French were prejudiced.

10. In 1919, in recognition of his distinguished service during World War I, the U.S. Congress authorized the President to promote Pershing to what rank?
  A.   Major General
  B.   Lieutenant General
  C.   Brigadier General
  D.   General of the Armies of the United States®   

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