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Trivia Quiz - Betty Grable Trivia

Quiz Number: 3951
Date Submitted: June 08, 2011
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: dave
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Quiz is about: Betty Grable

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Betty Grable Trivia
(Image Source: Betty Grable @ suspense movies)

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1. What did Hugh Hefner say about Betty Grable on Public Radio in 2007?
  A.   She was the greatest actress of the 50's
  B.   She was a cheap knockoff of Marilyn Monroe
  C.   She was his inspiration for founding Playboy
  D.   She was overrated

2. What is notable about Betty Grable's early career?
  A.   She was underage for legally acting when she started out.
  B.   She had a cast on her leg from an injury that had to be hidden when shooting
  C.   She started as a radio talk show host
  D.   She had to sneak out of the house to perform

3. What was Betty Grable best known for?
  A.   Starring opposite Clark Gable
  B.   Her singing
  C.   Winning numerous academy awards
  D.   A famous pin-up photo of the World War II era

4. Who starred with Betty in "How to Marry a Millionaire"?
  A.   Betty Davis and Ginger Rogers
  B.   Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall
  C.   Betty Boop and Rita Hayworth
  D.   Jane Russell and Gretta Garbo

5. Who was Betty Grable's favorite co-star?
  A.   Dan Dailey
  B.   Don Ameche
  C.   Victor Mature
  D.   Cesar Romero

6. Where was Betty Grable born?
  A.   California
  B.   Wisconson
  C.   New York
  D.   Missouri

7. Which of the following was Betty Grables highest grossing film?
  A.   Call Me Mister
  B.   How to Marry a Millionaire
  C.   Mother Wore Tights
  D.   A Yank in the R.A.F.

8. What Studio was Betty Grable with during her heyday?
  A.   Warner Brothers
  B.   Paramount
  C.   20th Century Fox
  D.   MGM

9. How did Betty Grable die?
  A.   Cancer
  B.   Automobile Accident
  C.   Pneumonia
  D.   Heart Attack

10. What was Betty Grable's last film for the big screen?
  A.   How to Be Very, Very Popular
  B.   How to Marry a Millionaire
  C.   Call Me Mister
  D.   Wabash Avenue®   

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