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Trivia Quiz - Hubert Humphrey: 38th U.S. Vice President

What do you know about the 38th Vice President of the United States, Hubert Humphrey?

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Date Submitted: June 07, 2011
Quiz Categories: American Vice Presidents
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zeppy73
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Quiz is about: Hubert Humphrey

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Hubert Humphrey 38th U.S. Vice President
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1. What was Hubert Humphrey's middle name?
  A.   Harry
  B.   Harold
  C.   Albert
  D.   Horatio

2. Hubert Humphrey was born in South Dakota but left to attend which university?
  A.   University of Minnesota
  B.   University of Michigan
  C.   University of Iowa
  D.   University of Illinois

3. What kind of store did Humphrey help his father manage?
  A.   Haberdashery
  B.   Drug Store
  C.   Grocery Store
  D.   Department Store

4. Humphrey unsuccessfully ran for mayor of what city?
  A.   St. Paul
  B.   Duluth
  C.   Minneapolis
  D.   Pierre

5. At what college did Humphrey teach as a visiting professor?
  A.   Herzing College
  B.   Macalester College
  C.   Carleton College
  D.   Metropolitan State University

6. Humphrey tried twice to join the armed forces but was rejected both times due to what aliment?
  A.   hernia
  B.   asthma
  C.   bad eye sight
  D.   flat feet

7. When Humphrey was elected to the Senate in 1948, what Republican did he defeat?
  A.   Arthur Nelson
  B.   Walter Mondale
  C.   Joseph Ball
  D.   Edward John Thye

8. Who was Hubert Humphrey's vice presidential running mate when he ran for President in 1968?
  A.   Eugene McCarthy
  B.   Walter Mondale
  C.   George McGovern
  D.   Edmund Muskie

9. How many children did he and his wife Muriel have together?
  A.   4
  B.   3
  C.   0
  D.   6

10. Humphrey earned a Masters Degree from what university?
  A.   University of Minnesota
  B.   Univerisity of Pittsburgh
  C.   Louisiana State University
  D.   Penn State University®   

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