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Trivia Quiz - French Cuisine Terminology

Fine French food has made its way into the best restaurants of the world. How many French cuisine terms do you know?

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Date Submitted: May 20, 2011
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Author: grant228
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French Cuisine Terminology
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1. What French cooking term means vegetables cut into strips?
  A.   saute
  B.   crevettes
  C.   julienne
  D.   ris de veau

2. What is French for ham?
  A.   vie
  B.   jambon
  C.   peche
  D.   fraises

3. If you were hungry for potatoes in Paris, how would you ask for them?
  A.   asperges
  B.   huitres
  C.   rognons
  D.   pommes de terre

4. How is cauliflower pronounced in French?
  A.   homard
  B.   poulet
  C.   chou-fleur
  D.   patisserie

5. What French term describes lightly whipped, sweetened cream?
  A.   chantilly
  B.   mornay
  C.   laitue
  D.   coquilles

6. If you wanted to order lamb in France, what would you point to?
  A.   oeufs
  B.   en gelde
  C.   agneau
  D.   gratinee

7. If you were served cut up and mixed fruit or vegetables in Paris, how would it appear on the menu?
  A.   macedoine
  B.   blanquette
  C.   saucisses
  D.   fraises

8. What French culinary term is closest in meaning to seafood chowder?
  A.   framboises
  B.   escargot
  C.   cotes de veau
  D.   bouillabaise

9. What French term describes a cold chicken , potato and cream soup?
  A.   poivre
  B.   vichyssoise
  C.   tournedos
  D.   coquilles

10. If you wanted frogs' legs in France, what would you ask for?
  A.   grenouilles
  B.   petit pos
  C.   epinards
  D.   fromage®   

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