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Trivia Quiz - Groundhog Day: Part 1

Here's a two-parter for fans of this old favorite film.

Quiz Number: 3828
Date Submitted: February 02, 2011
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 80.7 percent
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Groundhog Day Part 1
(Image Source: Groundhog Day Film Poster)

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1. "Groundhog Day" takes place in this Pennsylvania town:
  A.   Altoona
  B.   Pittsburgh
  C.   Punxsutawney
  D.   Scranton

2. NOT one of the ways Phil "killed" himself:
  A.   jumped off a building
  B.   overdosed on sleeping pills
  C.   put a toaster in the bathtub with himself
  D.   walked in front of a truck

3. Rita's favorite drink:
  A.   Jim Beam on the rocks
  B.   Mai Tai
  C.   Pina Colada
  D.   sweet Vermouth on the rocks with a twist

4. The song that plays on the radio every morning as Phil wakes up:
  A.   Almost Like Being in Love
  B.   I Got You, Babe
  C.   The Pennsylvania Polka
  D.   You Don't Know Me

5. Phil asked Mrs. Lancaster, "Do you ever have ______?" She said she didn't think so, but she'd check with the kitchen.
  A.   deja vu
  B.   demitasse
  C.   huevos rancheros
  D.   flapjacks

6. Rita quoted this person when she was sitting with Phil in the coffee shop:
  A.   Emily Bronte
  B.   Robert Frost
  C.   Sir Walter Scott
  D.   Willard Scott

7. Rita bids this much on Phil at the auction:
  A.   $180.00
  B.   $339.88
  C.   $60.00
  D.   77.00

8. The insurance salesman Phil went to high school with:
  A.   Eddie Mason
  B.   Ned Ryerson
  C.   Ted Ryerton
  D.   Ned Taylor

9. The high school Nancy Taylor went to:
  A.   Clinton
  B.   Lincoln
  C.   Pittsburgh
  D.   Walsh

10. The security men in the armored car:
  A.   Bert and Ernie
  B.   Bob and Larry
  C.   Herman and Felix
  D.   Ralph and Ed®   

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