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Trivia Quiz - Star Trek Next Generation: Season One, Part B

Here's the second half of my season One quiz. Good luck!

Quiz Number: 3815
Date Submitted: January 21, 2011
Quiz Categories: Star Trek: The Next Generation
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 69.6 percent
Times Taken: 27 times
Taken by Registered Users: 5

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Star Trek Next Generation Season One Part B
(Image Source: Star Trek Next Generation)

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1. Who was the leader of Mordan 4?
  A.   Karnas
  B.   K'Mpec
  C.   Krag
  D.   Kurn

2. What did the Aldeans want from the Enterprise?
  A.   dilithium
  B.   Guinan
  C.   help repairing their ship
  D.   some of the children who lived on the Enterprise

3. What was the name of the Benzite who was competing against Wesley for entrance into Starfleet Academy?
  A.   Darmak
  B.   Mendon
  C.   Mordock
  D.   Murdock

4. In "Heart of Glory", who was NOT part of the away team that beamed aboard the Talerian freighter?
  A.   Data
  B.   La Forge
  C.   Riker
  D.   Counselor Troi

5. In "The Arsenal of Freedom", who got seriously injured on Minos?
  A.   Captain Picard
  B.   Dr. Crusher
  C.   Riker
  D.   Wesley

6. In "Symbiosis", what was the name of the "medicine" produced by the Brekkians?
  A.   Calamarium
  B.   Felicium
  C.   Iconium
  D.   Talerium

7. What was the name of the "creature" who killed Yar?
  A.   Alcar
  B.   Ardra
  C.   Armus
  D.   Vash

8. In "We'll Always Have Paris", from whom did Worf receive a distress call?
  A.   Bruce Maddox
  B.   Commander MacDuff
  C.   Dr. Paul Manheim
  D.   Dr. Kila Marr

9. In "Conspiracy", who was the leader of the conspiracy?
  A.   Commander Kurn
  B.   Commander Quinn
  C.   Commander Remmick
  D.   Commander Sela

10. In "The Neutral Zone", Data and Worf found containers of _______ on board a ship which was adrift in space.
  A.   dried fish
  B.   frozen people
  C.   Nanites
  D.   toxic waste®   

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