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Trivia Quiz - Omar Khayyam Quotes

Fill in the missing words of these quotes from Omar Khayam.

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Date Submitted: January 13, 2011
Quiz Categories: Literature, Authors
Quiz Type: Quotation Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Quiz is about: Omar Khayyam

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Omar Khayyam Quotes

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1. "The thoughtful soul to _______ retires."
  A.   bed
  B.   meditation
  C.   prayer
  D.   solitude

2. "Be happy for this moment. This moment is __________."
  A.   all there is
  B.   fleeting
  C.   the only reality
  D.   your life

3. "Oh, the brave music of ___________."
  A.   a distant drum
  B.   a fresh new wind
  C.   a lover's heart
  D.   revealed truth

4. "A _____ divides what is false and what is true."
  A.   chasm
  B.   hair
  C.   line
  D.   shadow

5. "There was a door to which I found no _____."
  A.   entry
  B.   key
  C.   knob
  D.   way in

6. "Sans wine, sans song, sans singer, and sans ______."
  A.   end
  B.   food
  C.   life
  D.   love

7. "There was a veil through which I might _______."
  A.   not pass
  B.   not see
  C.   see only shadows
  D.   view dimly

8. "Ah, take the cash and let the _____ go."
  A.   credit
  B.   debt
  C.   gambling
  D.   debter

9. "Yet Ah, that spring should vanish ______________."
  A.   in the mist
  B.   in the sunlight
  C.   with the rose
  D.   without a trace

10. "The bird of _____ has but a little way to flutter, and the bird is on the wing."
  A.   life
  B.   love
  C.   peace
  D.   time®   

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