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Trivia Quiz - Nim's Island

"Nim's Island" was written by Wendy Orr and published by Yearling Books in 2001. The story is about a girl named Nim and her adventures on the island where she lives and her efforts to save her father Jack. This is a quiz about the book for anyone who has

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Date Submitted: January 11, 2011
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, Children's Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bbdd411
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Nims Island
(Image Source: Nim's Island)

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1. Why is Nim living only with her father, Jack?
  A.   Her parents are divorced
  B.   Her mother was eaten by a whale
  C.   Her mother died of cancer
  D.   Her father is single

2. What are the names of Nim's animal friends?
  A.   Selkie, Albert, and Copernicus
  B.   Galileo, Freddie, and Selkie
  C.   Selkie, Fred, and Galileo
  D.   Mary, Fred, and Goober

3. Why does Jack leave Nim alone on the island?
  A.   Jack hates Nim
  B.   Jack is looking for Alex Rover
  C.   Jack is going to town to get supplies
  D.   Jack is on a scientific expedition

4. Under what circumstances does Nim begin to corrrespond with Alex Rover?
  A.   Alex Rover e-mails Nim's father a science question
  B.   Alex Rover is looking for a pen pal
  C.   Alex Rover wants to meet Selkie
  D.   Alex Rover entered the wrong e-mail address

5. How does Nim find out that Jack is okay after the big storm?
  A.   Alex Rover tells her so
  B.   Nim has a feeling
  C.   Jack manages to e-mail Nim
  D.   Galileo brings Nim a message

6. What instruction does Alex Rover give to Nim on how to treat the cut on her knee?
  A.   Apply antiseptic
  B.   Soak it in coconut juice
  C.   Soak it in seawater
  D.   Both B & C

7. How does Nim scare off the TroppoTourists?
  A.   Nim sends the sea lions to attack them
  B.   Nim utilizes the iguanas
  C.   Nim makes the volcano explode
  D.   All of the above

8. Which of the following was a misconception of Nim's regarding Alex Rover?
  A.   Nim thinks Alex is an adventurer
  B.   Nim thinks Alex is a boy
  C.   Nim thinks she is lazy
  D.   Both A & B

9. How does Nim rescue Alex from the water?
  A.   Nim is helped by Selkie
  B.   Nim is helped by Fred
  C.   Nim is helped by Chica
  D.   Nim is helped by Galileo

10. What does the ending imply?
  A.   Alex will retire from writing for good
  B.   Galileo's days are numbered
  C.   Alex will live on the island with Jack and Nim
  D.   Fred hates coconuts®   

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