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Trivia Quiz - The Addams Family Basics

Yes, Mrs. Addams, this is an easy quiz. I love "The Addams Family" trivia!

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Date Submitted: May 09, 2006
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: garrett
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The Addams Family Basics
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1. What language, when spoken by Morticia, drove Gomez into a sexual frenzy?
  A.   Swahili
  B.   Spanish
  C.   German
  D.   French

2. Who was Thing?
  A.   an unknown creature in the basement
  B.   a friendly helper in the form of a human hand
  C.   a hairy creature that speaks gibberish only understood by the Addams clan
  D.   a ghoul who prowls the Addams complex

3. What was Gomez's favorite thing to blow up with explosives?
  A.   the bed of nails
  B.   pumpkins
  C.   the electric trains
  D.   the Venus Flytrap

4. How did Uncle Fester cure a headache?
  A.   by taking aspirin
  B.   by firing a loaded pistol next to his ear
  C.   by standing on his head
  D.   by putting his head into a vice

5. What was Wednesday's doll's name?
  A.   Marie Antoinette
  B.   Mrs. Beasley
  C.   Joan of Arc
  D.   Anne Boleyn

6. What did Lurch say when he was summoned?
  A.   "How may I help you?"
  B.   "You Rang?'
  C.   "Yes, Mam?" or "Yes, Sir?"
  D.   "Lurch, at your service!"

7. What did Gomez do for a living?
  A.   he was a professional sword swallower
  B.   he was an undertaker
  C.   he was a zoo keeper for exotic animals
  D.   he was a stock investor

8. What was Gomez's favorite thing to do to help himself relax?
  A.   have a cocktail
  B.   listen to extremely loud screaming sounds
  C.   stand on his head
  D.   lie on the bed of nails

9. What did Lurch do before he started to play the harpsichord?
  A.   wipes the sweat from his brow
  B.   finds the right key by plucking a tuning fork
  C.   clears his throat
  D.   loudly cracks his knuckles

10. By what name did Morticia call her ravenous, man-eating pet Venus Flytrap?
  A.   Cleopatra
  B.   Clowie
  C.   Clarissa
  D.   Claudia®   

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