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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Brady Battlegrounds

What causes friction in the Brady household? See if you know!

Quiz Number: 3727
Date Submitted: December 26, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 63.3 percent
Times Taken: 132 times
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The Brady Bunch Brady Battlegrounds
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1. In "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore", Greg and Peter fight over:
  A.   the last apple
  B.   a baseball mitt
  C.   money
  D.   a girl

2. In "A Clubhouse is Not A Home", Mike and Carol disagree about:
  A.   whether Marcia is old enough to go steady
  B.   closet space and equality between the sexes
  C.   the household budget
  D.   whether they should move to a bigger house

3. In "Vote For Brady", Alice's cake falls because
  A.   Jan does a tap dance in the kitchen
  B.   a large cutting board falls to the floor
  C.   Marcia slams the phone receiver down in an argument with Greg
  D.   Jan and Cindy have an argument with Bobby and Peter upstairs, and Jan keeps stomping on the floor

4. In "54-40 and Fight", the Brady boys and girls accuse one another of taking their trading stamps. Actually, the stamps:
  A.   are thrown away by Alice
  B.   get stuck to Tiger's wet fur
  C.   are taken outside and buried by Tiger
  D.   are blown away by the wind

5. In "A Clubhouse is Not A Home", Greg gets mad at Marcia over:
  A.   how many hair ribbons are now all over the house
  B.   Marcia's cosmetics taking up space in the bathroom
  C.   the boys not having room for their tools
  D.   who should carry the heavy boxes

6. In "The Private Ear", Bobby accuses Cindy of telling someone that:
  A.   he kissed a girl
  B.   he lied about knowing Joe Namath
  C.   he got in trouble for chewing gum in class
  D.   he was running in the hall at school

7. In "Greg's Triangle", Bobby and Peter are hoping Greg can settle their argument about:
  A.   who has a better batting average
  B.   what baseball player has received the biggest bonus
  C.   who has a better passing average
  D.   who scored the most home runs

8. In "Law and Disorder", Jan doesn't set the table because:
  A.   Alice tells her she doesn't have to
  B.   she just doesn't feel like it
  C.   she has to read a book for a test the next day
  D.   she has to wash her hair

9. In "A Clubhouse is Not A Home", Bobby and Cindy fight over:
  A.   dominoes
  B.   a kazoo
  C.   a Native American costume
  D.   toy cars

10. In "Law and Disorder", Greg goes on Bobby's report because:
  A.   he borrows the car without asking
  B.   he almost gets into an accident with the car
  C.   he doesn't take out the trash
  D.   he is 25 minutes late coming home from a date®   

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