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Trivia Quiz - Twins: Who has one?

Which of these well known people were born with a twin sibling? Famous twins trivia!

Quiz Number: 3682
Date Submitted: December 13, 2010
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: FRANKL1965
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Twins Who has one
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1. Which of these comedic actors was born with a twin?
  A.   Jack Black
  B.   Jon Heder
  C.   Will Ferrell
  D.   Paul Rudd

2. Which of these former NFL quarterbacks was born with a twin?
  A.   Fran Tarkenton
  B.   John Elway
  C.   Dan Marino
  D.   Ken Stabler

3. Which of these "televangelists", was born with a twin?
  A.   Jim Baker
  B.   Joel Osteen
  C.   Jimmy Swaggart
  D.   Jerry Falwell

4. Which star of "That 70's Show" was born with a twin?
  A.   Mila Kunis
  B.   Wilmer Valderrama
  C.   Ashton Kutcher
  D.   Danny Masterson

5. Which star of the hit series "Taxi", was born with a twin?
  A.   Tony Danza
  B.   Marilu Henner
  C.   Danny Devito
  D.   Judd Hirsch

6. Which buff action star was born with a twin?
  A.   Vin Diesel
  B.   Jean-Claude Van Damme
  C.   Sylvester Stallone
  D.   Jason Statham

7. Which television action adventure star was born with a twin?
  A.   David Boreanaz
  B.   Michael C. Hall
  C.   Scott Caan
  D.   Kiefer Sutherland

8. Which of these entertainers had a twin that died at birth?
  A.   Elvis Presley
  B.   Liberace
  C.   Frank Sinatra
  D.   Bob Hope

9. Which of these famous television maids was born with a twin?
  A.   Marla Gibbs (Florence on "The Jeffersons")
  B.   Ann B. Davis (Alice on the "Brady Bunch")
  C.   Shirley Booth (Hazel on "Hazel")
  D.   Charlotte Rae (Mrs. Garrett on "Diff'rent Strokes")

10. Which world champion professional race car driver was born with a twin?
  A.   Mario Andretti
  B.   Danny Sullivan
  C.   Dale Earnhardt
  D.   Jeff Gordon®   

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