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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Brady Travelogue (Part 2)

More questions about Brady trips.

Quiz Number: 3681
Date Submitted: December 13, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Brady Bunch Brady Travelogue (Part 2)
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1. In "A Camping We Will Go", which of the following did Carol and the girls NOT bring along to eat?
  A.   beans
  B.   cold cuts
  C.   cheese
  D.   fried chicken

2. Which of the following did NOT happen in "A Camping We Will Go"?
  A.   Cindy fell in the lake.
  B.   Jan dropped a fish back into the water, because she thought it felt "fishy".
  C.   Marcia got tangled up in Peter's fishing line.
  D.   Mike caught enough fish for everyone.

3. What part did Jan and Cindy play in the movie Greg made at the ghost town?
  A.   dance hall girls
  B.   robbers
  C.   sheriffs
  D.   teachers

4. What was the name of the prospector's mule?
  A.   Betty
  B.   Daisy
  C.   Bessie
  D.   Betsy

5. When the family split up to look for Bobby and Cindy at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, who went with Mike?
  A.   Greg and Marcia
  B.   Jan and Greg
  C.   Jan and Peter
  D.   Peter and Marcia

6. What is the name of the Native American boy Cindy and Bobby met at the Grand Canyon?
  A.   Jerry
  B.   Jimmy
  C.   Joey
  D.   Johnny

7. In what did Bobby carry the beans to give to the Native American boy?
  A.   a cup
  B.   a flashlight
  C.   a napkin
  D.   his pocket

8. When Bobby and Cindy took off from camp at night, who went after them?
  A.   Greg and Marcia
  B.   Greg and Peter
  C.   Jan and Mike
  D.   Peter and Jan

9. What was the name of the construction company for whom Mike worked while the Bradys were in Hawaii?
  A.   Hanalei Construction
  B.   Kapu Construction
  C.   Honolulu Construction
  D.   Kipula Construction

10. For whom does Jan buy the Yogi Bear poster at King's Island?
  A.   Jimmy
  B.   Nancy
  C.   Joey
  D.   Sally®   

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