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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Brady Travelogue (Part 1)

Questions about trips the Bradys took.

Quiz Number: 3680
Date Submitted: December 13, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Brady Bunch Brady Travelogue (Part 1)
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1. In "A Camping We Will Go", Alice and the Brady females started screaming because:
  A.   they thought they saw a bear outside their tent
  B.   they heard an owl
  C.   Alice punctured her air mattress by accident
  D.   Alice had a rattlesnake in her sleeping bag

2. What was the name of the ghost town the Bradys visited on their way to the Grand Canyon?
  A.   Deadwood
  B.   Gold Creek
  C.   Cactus Creek
  D.   Mesquite Gulch

3. The prospector the Bradys met in the ghost town was Zaccariah T.
  A.   Black
  B.   Brown
  C.   Murphy
  D.   James

4. The prospector told the Bradys that this guy was once arrested in the ghost town:
  A.   Cool Hand Luke
  B.   Doc Holliday
  C.   Ike Clanton
  D.   Jesse James

5. How did the Bradys get out of the jail cell they were locked in?
  A.   They broke a few of the rusty bars.
  B.   They climbed out the window.
  C.   They used the key.
  D.   The prospector came back and let them out.

6. Where were the boys told to do with the tabu idol when they were in Hawaii?
  A.   Throw it off a cliff overlooking the secret lagoon.
  B.   Leave it at the burial ground of the ancient kings.
  C.   Leave it at a sacred Indian burial mound.
  D.   Take it to the secret cave of the kings.

7. On their trip to Hawaii, the Bradys stayed in this hotel:
  A.   Kamehameha Hilton
  B.   Miramar at Waikiki
  C.   Pacific Beach Hotel
  D.   Sheraton Waikiki

8. What was the name of the statue the professor in the cave talked to?
  A.   Dave
  B.   Hubert
  C.   Oliver
  D.   Wilson

9. At King's Island, what is the "octopus" ride called?
  A.   Crazy Legs
  B.   The Monster
  C.   The Octopus
  D.   The Spider

10. Besides Mike, who else is NOT seen riding the roller coaster at King's Island?
  A.   Bobby
  B.   Cindy
  C.   Marcia
  D.   Greg®   

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