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Trivia Quiz - The Brady Bunch: Night Fright

Things that go bump in the night at the Brady house!

Quiz Number: 3671
Date Submitted: December 12, 2010
Quiz Categories: The Brady Bunch
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 51 percent
Times Taken: 344 times
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The Brady Bunch Night Fright
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1. According to Alice, all these things happened in the McIntyre house except:
  A.   chains rattling
  B.   lights going on and off
  C.   moaning and groaning
  D.   voices in the night

2. In "To Move or Not To Move", Alice is watching TV in the family with some of the kids when they all hear a noise outside. According to Cindy, the noise sounds like:
  A.   a cow died in the driveway
  B.   an inhuman moan
  C.   a knight in shining armor fell down
  D.   wind through the willow grove

3. When there are scary noises heard in the Brady house, Alice brings this out to ward off evil spirits:
  A.   Acme Anti-Spectral Amulet
  B.   Ghost Be Gone Anti-Witchcraft Charm
  C.   Rid A Spook Anti-Ghost Lamp
  D.   Witch Be Gone Anti-Phantom Charm

4. What does Alice find in the refrigerator during the girls' slumber party?
  A.   a blinking skull
  B.   fake blood
  C.   a mouse
  D.   a big rubber spider

5. At what point during the slumber party does Bobby make a howling noise?
  A.   while the girls are eating
  B.   after the girls have gone to sleep
  C.   when Jan is telling a scary story
  D.   while the girls are playing Truth or Dare

6. What happens when Ruthie heads upstairs to see what the boys are doing?
  A.   Bobby howls again from outside
  B.   the boys send a "ghost" down the stairs
  C.   the girls hear several shrill screams
  D.   Greg jumps out wearing a monster mask

7. What scary sci-fi film does Peter describe to Marcia and her friend Kathy in "The Personality Kid"?
  A.   Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  B.   Invasion of the Potato People
  C.   Night of the Killer Tomato
  D.   Invasion of the Pod People

8. Alice says this could scare anybody:
  A.   The clay bust of Mike that Carol made
  B.   a mouse
  C.   one of her nightgowns hanging on the wash line
  D.   seeing her in curlers

9. The Brady girls bet their allowances on this:
  A.   that Cindy wasn't scared of the dark
  B.   that the boys wouldn't spend the whole night in the attic
  C.   that the boys couldn't find a real ghost in the attic
  D.   that the boys wouldn't go up to the attic after dark

10. What was the girls' "ghost" was made out of?
  A.   cellophane and fishing line
  B.   a flashlight shining behind a cardboard cutout
  C.   a projected image
  D.   a sheet and a hanger®   

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