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Trivia Quiz - Show Business: There's No Business Like It!

Music and movie firsts and more. "There's no business, like show business, like no business I know!"

Quiz Number: 3389
Date Submitted: May 10, 2010
Quiz Categories: Movie Stars, Jazz and Blues, Big Band, Comedians
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: eorounds
Average Score: 17.9 percent
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Show Business Theres No Business Like It
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1. Which of the following comedy teams performed together for more that 70 years?
  A.   Abbot And Costello
  B.   Laurel And Hardy
  C.   The Three Stoges
  D.   Smith And Dale

2. What actress made her first movie at the age of 79 and continued to make movies until shortly before her 99th birthday?
  A.   Lillian Gish
  B.   Estelle Winwood
  C.   Adeline Dewalt Reynolds
  D.   Gloria Stewart

3. What female singer was known as the "Sweetheart of Columbia Records"?
  A.   Rosemary Clooney
  B.   Ruth Etting
  C.   Bessie Smith
  D.   Vaugn DeLeath

4. What male singer made more than 18,000 recordings during his career?
  A.   Enrico Caruso
  B.   Elvis Presley
  C.   Henry Burr
  D.   Billy Murray

5. What musician played on more recordings in the 1920s than any other musician?
  A.   Red Nichols
  B.   Louis Armstrong
  C.   Jimmy Dorsey
  D.   Ben Selven

6. What male singer appeared on every recording type of the 20th century: cylinder, 78, L.P., 45, and CD?
  A.   Billy Murray
  B.   Enrico Caruso
  C.   Frank Sinatra
  D.   Frankie Lane

7. Who was the first music group to record "Walk Right In, Set Right Down"?
  A.   The Roof Top Singers
  B.   Cannon's Jug Stompers
  C.   The Swingle Singers
  D.   The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

8. Who was the first black jazz musician to record with a white jazz group?
  A.   Jelly Roll Morton
  B.   Lional Hampton
  C.   Achille Bbquet
  D.   Fats Waller

9. What was the first ragtime two-step ever published?
  A.   Maple Leaf Rag
  B.   Harlem Rag
  C.   Original Rags
  D.   Mississippi Rag

10. Name the first dance band to make a sound film:
  A.   Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra
  B.   Duke Ellington And His Cotton Club Orchestra
  C.   Hal Kemp And His Orchestra
  D.   Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra®   

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