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Trivia Quiz - Jeeves - Butler Extraordinare!

A typical British butler - correct in all his ways, trains his master Bertie Wooster.

Quiz Number: 3387
Date Submitted: May 07, 2010
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: katkade
Average Score: 67.5 percent
Times Taken: 102 times
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Jeeves  Butler Extraordinare
(Image Source: Jeeves - Fair Use Rule @ Wikipedia)

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1. How does Jeeves come to be in the employ of Bertie Wooster?
  A.   He fixes Bertie his famous hangover cure.
  B.   Aunt Agatha sent Jeeves to look after Bertie.
  C.   Honoria Glossop demands a butler.
  D.   Bertie won him in a poker game.

2. Why does all Bertie's friends come to Jeeves with their problems?
  A.   He is cheaper than a therapist.
  B.   He has sensational ideas for solving problems.
  C.   Bertie makes a packet on the side from it.
  D.   Aunt Agatha has told Jeeves to keep them out of trouble.

3. Who has the "upper hand" in Bertie's household?
  A.   Aunt Agatha
  B.   Bingo Little
  C.   Jeeves
  D.   Bertie

4. In which era is Jeeves & Wooster set?
  A.   1950's
  B.   1900's
  C.   1920's
  D.   1940's

5. What is Jeeves' reaction to Bertie's piano playing & singing?
  A.   Joins in uproariously
  B.   Sneaks off to hide
  C.   Commends Bertie for his good taste.
  D.   "I didn't think it polite to listen sir"

6. How does Jeeves react when Bertie asks him to sing the rejoinder of a song?
  A.   intones "sir" at the end of every spoken line
  B.   puts down his duster & joins in
  C.   says he has an errand to run
  D.   calls Aunt Agatha on the telephone to object

7. Does Jeeves bow to Bertie's inclinations?
  A.   Only when it benefits him.
  B.   yes, Bertie is the master
  C.   of course not, he knows best
  D.   when Aunt Agatha gives him permission to do so

8. What trouble is Jeeves most often rescueing Bertie from?
  A.   bad debts
  B.   incompatable marriages
  C.   being thrown into prison
  D.   fights at the club

9. Does Jeeves always remain in Bertie's employ?
  A.   Yes, Aunt Agatha pays him to.
  B.   Yes, Bertie can't survive without him.
  C.   No. Bingo Little wins him in a poker game.
  D.   No, they disagree & go seperate ways.

10. How does Jeeves react to Bertie's ridiculous suggestions?
  A.   "Yes sir"
  B.   "Of course, sir"
  C.   "I couldn't recommend it, sir"
  D.   "As you wish sir".®   

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