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Trivia Quiz - M*A*S*H: The Richard Hooker

This quiz is on the book M*A*S*H, by Richard Hooker. Some differences between the book and the Movie or TV Series.

Quiz Number: 3155
Date Submitted: June 28, 2009
Quiz Categories: Fiction Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Secret_Author
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M*A*S*H The Richard Hooker
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1. Captains Augustus Bedford (Duke) Forrest and Benjamin Franklin (Hawkeye) Pierce arrived at M*A*S*H* 4077 in what year?
  A.   1951
  B.   1953
  C.   1950
  D.   1952

2. Hawkeye's and Duke's first roommate was?
  A.   Frank Burns
  B.   Jonathan Hobson
  C.   Jonathon Tuttle
  D.   John McIntyre

3. The celebrated chef at the 4077th was named?
  A.   Igor
  B.   Corporal Max Klinger
  C.   Emerson Pinkham
  D.   Sergent Mother Divine

4. Hawkeye was boss of one surgical shift, and Frank Burns boss of the other. What was Frank Burn's rank?
  A.   Captain
  B.   Major
  C.   Colonel
  D.   Lt. Colonel

5. Who was named Chief Surgeon of the 4077th?
  A.   Frank Burns
  B.   Trapper John McIntyre
  C.   Hawkeye Pierce
  D.   Duke Forrest

6. Hawkeye, Duke and Trapper John lived in tent #6, which was called?
  A.   Rosies
  B.   No Man's Land
  C.   The Swamp
  D.   Oz

7. Lt. Colonel Henry Blake was in command at the 4077th. What was Henry's middle name?
  A.   Francis
  B.   Walter
  C.   Braymore
  D.   Ford

8. Trapper John, Hawkeye and Duke decided to send their houseboy, Ho-Jon to college. Which college did they send him to?
  A.   Dartmouth
  B.   Georgia
  C.   Harvard
  D.   Androscoggin

9. For the football game against the 325th, Hawkeye had Col.Blake get a neurosurgeon who was also a football player. His name was
  A.   Oliver Wendall Jones
  B.   B.J. Honeycutt
  C.   Charles Winchester
  D.   Leverett Russell

10. What was the final score of the football game between the 4077th and the 325th Evac hospital.
  A.   4077th 24 325th 28
  B.   4077th 28 325th 29
  C.   4077th 29 325th 28
  D.   4077th 28 325th 24®   

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