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Trivia Quiz - Chester A. Arthur: 21st U.S. President

This quiz is about everyone's favorite president, Chester A. Arthur.

Quiz Number: 3134
Date Submitted: May 14, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Presidents, World Leaders
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: zeppy73
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Quiz is about: Chester A Arthur

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Chester A. Arthur 21st U.S. President
(Image Source: Chester A Arthur @ Wikipedia)

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1. Chester Arthur was elevated to the office of president after what president died in office?
  A.   James Garfield
  B.   Warren Harding
  C.   William McKinley
  D.   Abraham Lincoln

2. In which branch of the armed services did Chester Arthur serve?
  A.   Army
  B.   Navy
  C.   Marines
  D.   None

3. From what academic institution did Chester Arthur graduate with honors?
  A.   Harvard University
  B.   Yale University
  C.   Union College
  D.   Gettysburg College

4. From what job did President Rutherford B. Hayes fire Chester Arthur in 1878?
  A.   Secretary of the Treasury
  B.   Postmaster General
  C.   Attorney General
  D.   Collector of the Customs House of New York

5. Who served as Chester Arthur's first lady?
  A.   His wife, Ellen Arthur
  B.   His sister, Mary McElroy
  C.   His mother, Malvina Arthur
  D.   His daughter, Alice Arthur

6. What powerful senator helped to secure the vice presidential nomination for Chester Arthur?
  A.   Roscoe Conkling
  B.   James Blaine
  C.   John Logan
  D.   Don Cameron

7. Before becoming president, Chester Arthur had worked in all of these occupations except:
  A.   teacher
  B.   school principal
  C.   lawyer
  D.   diplomat

8. What significant piece of legislation did Chester Arthur sign that assigned government jobs on merit instead of political favoritism?
  A.   The Harbors Act
  B.   The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act
  C.   The Edmunds Act
  D.   The Mongrel Tarift Act

9. In 1884, upon President Chester Arthur's urgent prompting, a conference was held in Washington D.C. to establish the Greenwich Meridian and international standardized time, both in use today. What was the name of the conference?
  A.   Time Standardization Conference
  B.   Greenwich Conference
  C.   International Meridian Conference
  D.   World Time Conference

10. Two years after leaving office, Chester Arthur died of what disease?
  A.   cancer
  B.   heart disease
  C.   Bright's disease
  D.   asthma attack®   

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