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Trivia Quiz - 1980's Marriages of the Rich and Famous

1980s marriages of the rich and famous. For each person, select the name of their spouse.

Quiz Number: 3114
Date Submitted: April 03, 2009
Quiz Categories: American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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1980s Marriages of the Rich and Famous
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1. Bono
  A.   Carole Bayer
  B.   Alison Stewart
  C.   Linda Hamilton
  D.   Reba McEntire

2. Kirstie Allie
  A.   Johnny Depp
  B.   Hulk Hogan
  C.   Jon Bon Jovi
  D.   Parker Stevenson

3. Keith Richards
  A.   Pattie Hansen
  B.   Donna Dixon
  C.   Paulina Porizkova
  D.   Kimberley Conrad

4. Janet Jackson
  A.   M C Hammer
  B.   Denzel Washington
  C.   James DeBarge
  D.   Ahmad Rashad

5. Joan Collins
  A.   Sean Penn
  B.   Harry Hamlin
  C.   Woody Harrelson
  D.   Peter Holm

6. Heather Locklear
  A.   Tommy Lee
  B.   Tmothy Hutton
  C.   Keifer Sutherland
  D.   Billy Bob Thornton

7. Geena Davis
  A.   Steven Seagal
  B.   Jeff Goldblum
  C.   Tom Selleck
  D.   Antonio Banderas

8. Bruce Springstein
  A.   Pam Dawber
  B.   Kelly LeBrock
  C.   Demi Moore
  D.   Julianne Phillips

9. Lennie Kravitz
  A.   Hunter Tylo
  B.   Lisa Bonet
  C.   Melanie Griffith
  D.   Robyn Givens

10. Lisa Marie Presley
  A.   Kevin Bacon
  B.   Danny Keough
  C.   Keifer Sutherland
  D.   Christopher Lambert®   

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