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Trivia Quiz - Emergency!: 70s Medical Drama

The TV series "Emergency!" told the story of Los Angeles County's fledgling paramedic program and inspired a generation of young men and women to become paramedics and firefighters. Fans of the show should know most of these questions.

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Date Submitted: March 24, 2009
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Emergency 70s Medical Drama
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1. To what station were firefighter/paramedics John Gage and Roy DeSoto assigned?
  A.   Station 10
  B.   Station 19
  C.   Station 51
  D.   Station 66

2. Which of the following cast members was in fact a real life Los Angeles County Firefighter?
  A.   Marco Lopez
  B.   Bobby Troup
  C.   Randolph Mantooth
  D.   Mike Stoker

3. What was the name of the Captain at the fire station in which "Emergency!" is set?
  A.   Hank Stanley
  B.   Marco Lopez
  C.   Chet Kelly
  D.   Kelly Brackett

4. Julie London, who played Nurse Dixie McCall, was married in real life to what other cast member?
  A.   Robert Fuller
  B.   Bobby Troup
  C.   Kevin Tighe
  D.   Ron Pinkard

5. What was the call sign of the L.A. County Fire Department, used at the end of each radio dispatch?
  A.   KMA 367
  B.   KMG 365
  C.   KOI 540
  D.   KPD 929

6. What was the name of Firefighter/Paramedic Roy DeSoto's wife?
  A.   Joanne
  B.   Robin
  C.   Karen
  D.   Debbie

7. What was the name of the hospital to which Gage and DeSoto took their patients?
  A.   L.A. County General
  B.   Cedars-Sinai
  C.   Rampart General
  D.   L.A. Mercy

8. Which "Emergency"! character underwent open heart surgery in an episode of the series?
  A.   Marco Lopez
  B.   John Gage
  C.   Kelly Brackett
  D.   Joe Early

9. What two characters contracted and nearly died from a disease passed on by a monkey in an episode of "Emergency!"?
  A.   Kelly Brackett & John Gage
  B.   Kelly Brackett & Roy DeSoto
  C.   Joe Early & John Gage
  D.   Joe Early & Roy DeSoto

10. Who was known around the fire station for playing practical jokes?
  A.   Mike Stoker
  B.   Marco Lopez
  C.   Hank Stanley
  D.   Chet Kelly®   

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