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Trivia Quiz - The 1980's: Events and Cultural Fluff

Events and cultural fluff from that memorable decade! 80s trivia and 80s facts!

Quiz Number: 3068
Date Submitted: January 16, 2009
Quiz Categories: Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The 1980s Events and Cultural Fluff
(Image Source: I Love the 80s!)

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1. Which of these was not a color on the Rubik's cube?
  A.   White
  B.   Blue
  C.   Pink
  D.   Orange

2. Which woman caused Rev. Jimmy Bakker's downfall?
  A.   Gennfier Flowers
  B.   Donna Rice
  C.   Jessica Hahn
  D.   Debra Murphree

3. What were the first names of the Menendez brothers, who killed their parents for their money?
  A.   Lyle and Erik
  B.   Kyle and Derrick
  C.   Rick and Alex
  D.   Randy and Dick

4. Ozzy Osbourne was hospitalized after biting the head off of what type of animal?
  A.   frog
  B.   bat
  C.   chicken
  D.   lizard

5. Who injured Ronald Reagan in an assassination attempt in 1981?
  A.   Sara Jane Moore
  B.   Arthur Bremer
  C.   Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme
  D.   John Hinckley, Jr.

6. Which crown did Vanessa Williams have to relinquish following publication of her nude photos?
  A.   Miss World
  B.   Miss USA
  C.   Miss America
  D.   Miss Universe

7. What Trivial Pursuit category is colored pink?
  A.   Science and Nature
  B.   History
  C.   Entertainment
  D.   Geography

8. With which country was Oliver North illegally trading arms?
  A.   Iraq
  B.   Iran
  C.   Syria
  D.   Jordan

9. Which artist was not used as a name for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  A.   Botticelli
  B.   Leonardo
  C.   Michelangelo
  D.   Raphael

10. Which woman caused Senator Gary Hart's downfall?
  A.   Gennifer Flowers
  B.   Donna Rice
  C.   Jessica Hahn
  D.   Debra Murphree®   

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