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Trivia Quiz - Saturday Night Live: Part V

Trivia questions about the cast members, hosts, skits and history of "Saturday Night Live"!

Quiz Number: 3042
Date Submitted: December 31, 2008
Quiz Categories: Saturday Night Live
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Saturday Night Live Part V
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1. What group was banned from SNL in 1993 for trashing their dressing room, smoking marijuana in the studio, and destroying their instruments during their second set?
  A.   The Grateful Dead
  B.   Phish
  C.   The Who
  D.   Cypress Hill

2. Which of the following names was never used for the news segment on SNL commonly known as "Weekend Update"?
  A.   "The Rocket Report"
  B.   "SNL Newsbreak"
  C.   "Weekend News"
  D.   "Saturday Night News"

3. What is notable about the October 24, 1987 episode of SNL hosted by Sean Penn?
  A.   There was no studio audience.
  B.   His brother, Michael Penn, was the musical guest.
  C.   It featured no monologue as Penn had contracted laryngitis the day before.
  D.   Steve Martin broke in during the monlogue to announce Gilda Radner's death.

4. Who was the only person to host an episode of "Saturday Night Live" each for executive producers Lorne Michaels, Jean Doumanian, and Dick Ebersol?
  A.   John Goodman
  B.   Bill Murray
  C.   Chevy Chase
  D.   Buck Henry

5. Who was the first non-American member of the SNL cast?
  A.   Horatio Sanz
  B.   Melanie Hutsell
  C.   Pamela Stephenson
  D.   Morwenna Banks

6. What musical guest was banned from the show in 1977 for playing a song other than the one he had agreed to perform?
  A.   Elvis Costello
  B.   James Taylor
  C.   Billy Joel
  D.   Randy Newman

7. Who hosted the 1978 episode of SNL on which the Blues Brothers appeared as musical guests?
  A.   Paul Simon
  B.   Dick Cavett
  C.   Steve Martin
  D.   Ralph Nader

8. The creators of two shows very similar to SNL, MadTV and "Fridays" have both been hosts. Who were they?
  A.   Jack Burns & Avery Schreiber
  B.   Jack Burns & Quincy Jones
  C.   Quincy Jones & Michael Richards
  D.   Avery Schreiber & Mort Sahl

9. In one of SNL's most memorable musical performances, Paul Simon sang "Still Crazy After All These Years" while wearing what?
  A.   A turkey costume
  B.   An evening gown
  C.   A bee costume
  D.   Nothing but a loincloth

10. As a running gag, Chevy Chase announced for several consecutive weeks during the "Weekend Update" that what world leader was "still dead"?
  A.   Prime Minister Benito Mussolini
  B.   Generalissimo Francisco Franco
  C.   Commandante Chata Ortega
  D.   Chairman Mao Tse Tung®   

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