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Trivia Quiz - Saturday Night Live: Part II

Trivia questions about the cast members, hosts, skits and history of "Saturday Night Live"!

Quiz Number: 3034
Date Submitted: December 30, 2008
Quiz Categories: Saturday Night Live
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Times Taken: 35 times
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Saturday Night Live Part II
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1. Which of the following has never auditioned to be a cast member of SNL?
  A.   Jim Carrey
  B.   Johnny Knoxville
  C.   Paul Reubens
  D.   Jon Stewart

2. Which "Saturday Night Live" cast member's brother was appearing on a competing show on a different network in the same time slot?
  A.   Seth Meyers
  B.   Rachel Dratch
  C.   Chris Parnell
  D.   Horatio Sanz

3. What NFL quarterback was the first professional athlete to host SNL?
  A.   Joe Montana
  B.   Terry Bradshaw
  C.   Fran Tarkenton
  D.   Jon Elway

4. One of SNL's funniest sketches of all time featured a word association game between Chevy Chase and what comedian?
  A.   Buck Henry
  B.   Richard Pryor
  C.   Robert Klein
  D.   Lily Tomlin

5. Who is the first Olympian ever to host SNL?
  A.   Mary Lou Retton
  B.   Bruce Jenner
  C.   Mark Spitz
  D.   Michael Phelps

6. What comic actor had originally been scheduled to host the first episode of SNL following the 9/11 attacks but canceled?
  A.   Jack Black
  B.   Ben Stiller
  C.   Kevin James
  D.   Rick Moranis

7. What actress stepped in to host the show in Question 6 above?
  A.   Reese Witherspoon
  B.   Liv Tyler
  C.   Patricia Heaton
  D.   Rosie O'Donnell

8. What musical guest created a major controversy on SNL by tearing up a picture of Pope John Paul II and saying "fight the real enemy!"
  A.   Alanis Morissette
  B.   Fiona Apple
  C.   Sinead O'Connor
  D.   Jewel

9. In what season of SNL did Jim Henson's Muppets make their final appearance?
  A.   The 1st season
  B.   The 2nd season
  C.   The 3rd season
  D.   The 5th season

10. Comedian Don Novello appeared several times on SNL as Father Guido Sarducci. According to Father Guido, what was his official title?
  A.   Assistant to Cardinal O'Connor
  B.   Reporter for "Catholicism Now" magazine
  C.   Vatican Gossip Columnist
  D.   Supervisor of Holy Water dispensation®   

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