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Trivia Quiz - Saturday Night Live: Part I

Trivia questions about the cast members, hosts, skits and history of "Saturday Night Live"!

Quiz Number: 3033
Date Submitted: December 30, 2008
Quiz Categories: Saturday Night Live
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Saturday Night Live Part I
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1. Who was the host on the first episode of "Saturday Night Live"?
  A.   Paul Simon
  B.   Steve Martin
  C.   Buck Henry
  D.   George Carlin

2. Who were the two musical guests on that first episode?
  A.   Paul Simon & George Harrison
  B.   Billy Preston & Janis Ian
  C.   Paul Simon & Janis Ian
  D.   George Harrison & Billy Preston

3. Many of the first season episodes of SNL were not called "Saturday Night Live", but what?
  A.   "Live from NBC on Saturday Night".
  B.   "NBC's Saturday Night Live"
  C.   "NBC's Saturday Night"
  D.   "Saturday Night NBC"

4. Which of the following has NOT served as a producer of "Saturday Night Live"?
  A.   Don Ohlmeyer
  B.   Dick Ebersol
  C.   Jean Doumanian
  D.   Lorne Michaels

5. What comedian became famous on SNL for lip-synching the "Mighty Mouse" theme song and later, for impersonating Elvis?
  A.   Harry Anderson
  B.   Andy Kaufman
  C.   Bill Murray
  D.   Steve Martin

6. There is a running joke in the annals of SNL history about the "Five Timer" Club. Who was the first to host the show five times?
  A.   Buck Henry
  B.   Steve Martin
  C.   John Goodman
  D.   Christopher Walken

7. What performer, on February 21, 1976, was the first to serve as both host and musical guest on "Saturday Night Live"?
  A.   Paul Simon
  B.   Frank Zappa
  C.   Stevie Wonder
  D.   Desi Arnaz

8. What cast member inadvertently used the "F" word during a sketch on February 12, 1981?
  A.   Gilbert Gottfried
  B.   Denny Dillon
  C.   Joe Piscopo
  D.   Charles Rocket

9. What was unusual about the October 3, 1981 episode of SNL?
  A.   There was no host.
  B.   Only four members of the cast performed due to a flu epidemic.
  C.   There was no musical guest.
  D.   It was the first episode without at least one commercial parody.

10. Although each of the following comedians was known for risque and controversial material, one of them was allowed to present his routine without a five second delay for the censors to bleep out inappropriate language. Which one?
  A.   George Carlin
  B.   Sam Kinison
  C.   Andrew Dice Clay
  D.   Richard Pryor®   

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