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Trivia Quiz - Silly Cereal Characters

Cereal boxes have interesting and unusual characters on them. Can you remember which interesting and unusual cereals had these mascots?

Quiz Number: 2785
Date Submitted: August 07, 2008
Quiz Categories: American Culture, Food & Drink
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
Average Score: 36.5 percent
Times Taken: 139 times
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Silly Cereal Characters
(Image Source: Kelloggs)

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1. Harry S. Hippo advertised this cereal:
  A.   Crunchy Nuggets
  B.   Muffetts
  C.   Punch Crunch
  D.   Rice Honeys

2. This cereal had a British pilot who said, Tally Ho":
  A.   Sir Grapefellow
  B.   Crunchy Nuggets
  C.   ShipShake
  D.   Muffetts

3. This "Br-r-awny" cereal featured a Scottish man:
  A.   Tutti Fruiti Twinkles
  B.   Hoots
  C.   OKs
  D.   Kaboom

4. Sprinkler the Fireman was on which cereal box?
  A.   All Stars
  B.   Moonstones
  C.   KOMBOs
  D.   Tutti Fruiti Twinkles

5. This cereal's boxes had insects with guns on their heads:
  A.   OKs
  B.   Corny Snaps
  C.   Rice Honeys
  D.   Wackies

6. An alien with crossed eyes is on this cereal box:
  A.   Crunchy Loggs
  B.   Quisp
  C.   Wackies
  D.   Punch Crunch

7. This cereal's mascot was Wilma the White Whale:
  A.   Puffa Puffa Rice
  B.   Vanilly Crunch
  C.   Moonstones
  D.   Rice Honeys

8. In 1974-77 this cereal box had a talking hat on it:
  A.   Magic Puffs
  B.   Freakies
  C.   FrankenBerry
  D.   Vanilly Crunch

9. Captain Jolly (with only 1 tooth) was on this cereal box:
  A.   Sir Grapefellow
  B.   King Vitaman
  C.   Sugar Corn-fetti
  D.   Crazy Cow

10. A Blue Gnu advertised this orange-flavored cereal:
  A.   Quisp
  B.   Quangaroos
  C.   Sugar Corn-fetti
  D.   KOMBOs®   

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