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Trivia Quiz - Bonanza Characters: Ben Cartwright

This quiz contains some little known facts about the eldest member of the Cartwright family of "Bonanza."

Quiz Number: 2577
Date Submitted: May 29, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: 0zero0
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Bonanza Characters Ben Cartwright
(Image Source: Bonanza World)

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1. What did Ben Cartwright do before settling out west?
  A.   teacher
  B.   seaman
  C.   lawman
  D.   bank clerk

2. What were the names of Ben Cartwright's brothers?
  A.   Joseph and Stephen
  B.   James and Daniel
  C.   John and Aaron
  D.   Jacob and Edward

3. Ben Cartwright's first wife, (Adam's mother), was from Boston. What was her name?
  A.   Alice
  B.   Constance
  C.   Elizabeth
  D.   Deborah

4. Ben Cartwright's second wife, Inger,(Hoss's mother), was killed by Indians. Where was she from?
  A.   Holland
  B.   Sweden
  C.   Finland
  D.   Germany

5. Ben Cartwright's third wife, (Joe's mother), was from New Orleans. What was her name?
  A.   Sally
  B.   Abigail
  C.   Marie
  D.   Winnie

6. What was the name of Ben Cartwright's ranch?
  A.   The Bolander
  B.   The Sierra
  C.   The Ponderosa
  D.   The Tamarack

7. How many acres did Ben Cartwright's ranch have?
  A.   100,000 acres
  B.   200,000 acres
  C.   500,000 acres
  D.   600,000 acres

8. Where was Ben Cartwright's ranch located?
  A.   Nevada
  B.   Texas
  C.   Colorado
  D.   Wyoming

9. What was the name of Ben Cartwright's horse?
  A.   Bandit
  B.   Buck
  C.   General
  D.   Storm

10. What was the name of the 14-year old orphan that Ben Cartwright adopted?
  A.   Jonathan Spears
  B.   Jacob Carter
  C.   Jamie Hunter
  D.   Joshua Turner®   

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