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Trivia Quiz - Cartoon Character Catchphrases

Just their living, breathing couterparts, certain cartoon characters are easily identifiable by the catchphrases they use. Put your thinking cap on...some of these will be a little tough.

Quiz Number: 2485
Date Submitted: May 01, 2008
Quiz Categories: Animated TV Series & Cartoons
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Samurai Sam
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Cartoon Character Catchphrases
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1. What cartoon character always used the catchphrase "danger is my business"?
  A.   Cool McCool
  B.   Inspector Gadget
  C.   Secret Squirrel
  D.   Super Dave

2. What cartoon character stole Rodney Dangerfield's tag line "I don't get no respect"?
  A.   Rocket J. Squirrel
  B.   Inch High, Private Eye
  C.   Jabberjaw
  D.   Dynomutt

3. What was Super Chicken's famous catch phrase?
  A.   You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.
  B.   You bit off more than you could chew.
  C.   You got yourself in a real jama lama ding dong.
  D.   You have a real problem there.

4. Finish this Buzz Lightyear catchphrase: "to ________ and beyond!"
  A.   Outer space
  B.   Infinity
  C.   Pluto
  D.   the galaxies

5. One of Underdog's many catchphrases was "when Polly's in trouble I am not slow; it's..........
  A.   on with the cape and away I go!
  B.   into the phone booth and away I go!
  C.   off with my street clothes, go, go, go!
  D.   hip,hip, hip and away I go!

6. Tennessee Tuxedo's catchphrase was "Tennessee Tuxedo ___ ___ ___!"
  A.   will always prevail
  B.   can not fail
  C.   will not fail
  D.   won't face jail

7. When being shot at, this cartoon character's catchphrase was "your bullets cannot hurt me, my wings are like a shield of steel!" Who is he?
  A.   Batfink
  B.   Birdman
  C.   The Blue Falcon
  D.   Tiny

8. Ben Richards, better known as "The Thing", a member of the Fantastic Four, used to say which of the following catchphrases?
  A.   It's Hammer time!
  B.   It's Miller time!
  C.   It's Beatdown time!
  D.   It's clobberin' time!

9. This cartoon superhero's catchphrase was "here I come to save the day!" Who was he?
  A.   Duckman
  B.   Mighty Mouse
  C.   Space Ghost
  D.   El Kabong

10. From which member of the "Super Six" would you have heard the catchphrase "zip, zam, zowie, and swoosh!"
  A.   Captain Whammo
  B.   Granite Man
  C.   Super Bwoing
  D.   Magneto Man®   

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