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Trivia Quiz - Cop & Detective Shows of the 1970s

Police and private eye shows hit the high water mark in the 1970s. The decade saw some pretty good shows but also a number of "also rans" that last one or two seasons. Some of these questions will be easy; others will be very difficult.

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Date Submitted: April 18, 2008
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas
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Author: Samurai Sam
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Cop  Detective Shows of the 1970s
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1. Which of the following cop/detective shows was NOT set in the 1930s?
  A.   Most Wanted
  B.   Banyon
  C.   The Manhunter
  D.   City of Angels

2. "Eischied" starred what southern actor as New York Chief of Detectives Earl Eischied?
  A.   Jerry Reed
  B.   Burt Reynolds
  C.   Joe Don Baker
  D.   Claude Akins

3. Tony Musante was the star of this 1973-74 ABC cop show, but when he unexpectedly left the show the producers put Robert Blake in his place and called it "Baretta". What was the original name of the show?
  A.   Chameleon
  B.   Banacek
  C.   Tenfly
  D.   Toma

4. Character actor Edgar Buchanan, well-known as Uncle Joe in "Petticoat Junction", was cast as Deputy J.J. Jackson in what 71-72 CBS cop show?
  A.   Kodiak
  B.   Nokia
  C.   Cade's County
  D.   Caribe

5. What 1971-72 ABC detective show starred James Franciscus as a blind insurance investigator whose guide dog was named Pax?
  A.   Madigan
  B.   Longstreet
  C.   Paris
  D.   Petrocelli

6. David Janssen starred as a federal agent in what 1971-72 CBS program?
  A.   Chase
  B.   Interpol
  C.   Sierra
  D.   O'Hara, U.S. Treasury

7. Which of the following shows was NOT about a police or government detective?
  A.   Cannon
  B.   Hec Ramsey
  C.   Jigsaw John
  D.   Dan August

8. Which of the following cop shows was NOT based on a movie?
  A.   Shaft
  B.   Paris
  C.   Serpico
  D.   Popeye Doyle

9. "Richie Brockelman, Private Eye" was a 1977 spinoff from what popular NBC series?
  A.   Harry O
  B.   Kingston: Confidential
  C.   The Rockford Files
  D.   Quincy, M.E.

10. This 1975-78 CBS show starred Robert Wagner as a former con man and Eddie Albert as a former cop who paired up to solve crimes. What was the name of this show?
  A.   Chase
  B.   I'm Dickens, He's Fenster
  C.   Sting
  D.   Switch®   

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