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Trivia Quiz - Charles Baudelaire: Influential French Poet

What do you know about French poet, Charles Baudelaire?

Quiz Number: 2303
Date Submitted: March 22, 2008
Quiz Categories: Authors
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: Suzie James Hall
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Quiz is about: Charles Baudelaire

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Charles Baudelaire Influential French Poet
(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

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1. What was Charles Baudelaire's middle name?
  A.   Jacques
  B.   Pierre
  C.   He didn't have a middle name
  D.   Adam

2. Baudelaire was also a translator. Which of the following author's works did he translate most?
  A.   Oscar Wilde
  B.   Emily Dickinson
  C.   Edgar Allan Poe
  D.   Gerard Manley Hopkins

3. His most famous book is Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil). However, what other names did he give to this famous volume before deciding on the eventual name?
  A.   "Les Limbes" and "Les lesbiennes"
  B.   "Bénediction" and "Les Limbes"
  C.   "Fusées" and "Les Paradis Artificiels"
  D.   "Les Paradis Artificiels" and "Le Spleen de Paris"

4. What was the name of his stepfather?
  A.   Alphonse Aupick
  B.   Jacques Aupick
  C.   Pierre-François Aupick
  D.   Frédéric Aupick

5. What are his principal literary movements?
  A.   Symbolism, Realism and Trascendentalism
  B.   Modernism, Dark Romanticism and Realism
  C.   Symbolism, Parnassianism and Modernity
  D.   Realism, Modernity and Symbolism

6. What famous author wrote a controversial essay about Charles Baudelaire, published in 1947?
  A.   Guillaume Apollinaire
  B.   Louis Aragon
  C.   Albert Camus
  D.   Jean-Paul Sartre

7. Charles Baudelaire was persecuted under the Second Empire in France. What was the reason?
  A.   public scandal in one of his conferences
  B.   he insulted the Emperor Napoleon III
  C.   insult to public decency for the publication of "The Flowers of Evil."
  D.   he participated in fight street

8. And what were the consequences of his prosecution?
  A.   he had to pay 300 francs and delete six poems of his work "The Flowers of Evil"
  B.   he had to pay 200 francs and go in prison for 3 months.
  C.   exile.
  D.   a month in prison.

9. At what age did Charles Baudelaire die?
  A.   36
  B.   40
  C.   46
  D.   34

10. What's the name of the cemetery in which he is buried?
  A.   Cimetière de La Madeleine � Amiens
  B.   Cimetière de Loyasse
  C.   Cimetière de Pantin
  D.   Montparnasse cemetery®   

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