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Trivia Quiz - The Kennedys: The First Three Generations

What do you know about the early members of this dynamic American political dynasty?

Quiz Number: 2091
Date Submitted: February 03, 2008
Quiz Categories: History, American Presidents
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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The Kennedys The First Three Generations
(Image Source: The US Medal of Freedom Site)

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1. Who was the grandfather of brothers John, Bobby and Ted Kennedy?
  A.   Patrick Kennedy
  B.   Patrick Joseph Kennedy
  C.   Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.
  D.   Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

2. Joseph P Kennedy Sr married Rose Fitzgerald in what year?
  A.   1904
  B.   1914
  C.   1920
  D.   1926

3. Joseph Kennedy was the United States Ambassador to what country?
  A.   France
  B.   Denmark
  C.   Switzerland
  D.   United Kingdom

4. Joseph and Rose Kennedy had how many children together?
  A.   6
  B.   8
  C.   9
  D.   10

5. Which Kennedy won a Pulitzer Prize in the Biography category?
  A.   Edward "Teddy"
  B.   Jean
  C.   John
  D.   Patricia

6. Which Kennedy was a WWII pilot who was killed in Europe?
  A.   Joseph Jr.
  B.   Kathleen "Kick"
  C.   Robert "Bobby"
  D.   John

7. This Kennedy ran for President while a Senator from New York:
  A.   John
  B.   Robert "Bobby"
  C.   Joseph
  D.   Eunice

8. This Kennedy ran unsuccessfully for President while a Senator from Massachusetts:
  A.   Robert "Bobby"
  B.   Paul
  C.   Joseph
  D.   Edward "Ted"

9. This Kennedy married a member of the famous Rat Pack:
  A.   Patricia
  B.   Jean
  C.   Kathleen
  D.   Rosemary

10. This Kennedy founded The Special Olympics to honor Rosemary Kennedy:
  A.   Edward
  B.   Kathleen
  C.   Eunice
  D.   Patricia®   

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