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Trivia Quiz - Nancy Drew, Girl Detective

What do you know about the intrepid Nancy Drew in books, TV, and movies?

Quiz Number: 1671
Date Submitted: October 12, 2007
Quiz Categories: American TV Dramas, Fiction Books, Fictional Characters
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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Nancy Drew Girl Detective
(Image Source: Nancy Drew)

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1. When was the first Nancy Drew book published?
  A.   1890
  B.   1930
  C.   1942
  D.   1950

2. What pseudonym was used for all the authors of Nancy Drew mysteries?
  A.   Franklin C. Carman
  B.   Ian Fleming
  C.   Carolyn Keene
  D.   Lynne Hope

3. What is the title of the first Nancy Drew book?
  A.   "The Hidden Staircase"
  B.   "The Clue in the Attic"
  C.   "Mystery of the Tolling Bell"
  D.   "The Secret of the Old Clock"

4. What is the name of Nancy's hometown?
  A.   River Heights
  B.   Central City
  C.   Clayberg
  D.   Titusville

5. What was the profession of Nancy's father?
  A.   Police Detective
  B.   Teacher
  C.   Newspaper Writer
  D.   Lawyer

6. Who was Nancy's housekeeper?
  A.   Hannah Gruen
  B.   Winnie Garrett
  C.   Inga Svensen
  D.   Lois Hill

7. Who is Nancy's boyfriend?
  A.   Joe Hardy
  B.   Ned Nickerson
  C.   Frank Hardy
  D.   Peter Parker

8. Who played Nancy Drew in the 1970s TV series called "The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries?"
  A.   Emma Roberts
  B.   Jodie Foster
  C.   Pamela Sue Martin
  D.   Jane Seymour

9. Who played Nancy Drew in the 2007 movie?
  A.   Emma Roberts
  B.   Jodie Foster
  C.   Pamela Sue Martin
  D.   Mylie Cyrus

10. Who played Nancy Drew in four movies shot in the late 1930's?
  A.   Judy Garland
  B.   Bonita Granville
  C.   Carole Lombard
  D.   Jane Powell®   

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