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Trivia Quiz - How Sweet it Is! The History of Candy Bars

You love them, you eat them (even when you know you shouldn't) - but what do you know about the history of and facts about candy bars? Try this candy trivia quiz!

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Date Submitted: August 18, 2007
Quiz Categories: Food & Drink
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: lmcubs
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How Sweet it Is The History of Candy Bars
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1. In 1847 the first chocolate candy bar was invented by:
  A.   Milton Hershey
  B.   Raymond Stephens
  C.   Jacob Nestle
  D.   Josephy Fry

2. What was the cost of the original Hershey bar?
  A.   1 cent
  B.   3 cents
  C.   5 cents
  D.   10 cents

3. Which of these candy bars were NOT invented in 1923?
  A.   Milky Way
  B.   Nestle's Crunch
  C.   Butterfinger
  D.   Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

4. Which candy bar was named after the family horse?
  A.   Snickers
  B.   Mars
  C.   Mounds
  D.   Butterfinger

5. Three Musketeers originally had 3 pieces in a package. What were the original flavors?
  A.   chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla
  B.   cherry, nougat, chocolate
  C.   vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
  D.   caramel, chocolate, vanilla

6. According to the Curtiss Candy Company, the Baby Ruth candy bar was named after whom?
  A.   Ruth Cleveland
  B.   Babe Ruth
  C.   Ruth Hershey
  D.   Ruth Browning

7. In England and Ireland prior to 1990, what was Snickers called?
  A.   TimTam
  B.   Violet Crumble
  C.   Hundreds and Thousands
  D.   Marathon

8. Until 1991 what candy bar was called Raider in Europe?
  A.   Twix
  B.   Mounds
  C.   Nestle Crunch
  D.   Butterfinger

9. What old-time favorite candy is no longer made as of 2006?
  A.   Good and Plenty
  B.   Mars Bar
  C.   Reese's Pieces
  D.   $100,000 bar

10. In 2006, what candy bar was most popular (largest sales - not personal favorite)?
  A.   Hershey original bar
  B.   Twizzler
  C.   Almond Joy
  D.   Snickers®   

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