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Trivia Quiz - Apocalypse Now ... And Forever - A Tribute to the Legendary Film

Questions about the who, where, and what of "Apocalypse Now". If you saw the movie more than once, or recently, you should do well.

Quiz Number: 1137
Date Submitted: April 26, 2007
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: dave
Average Score: 75.5 percent
Times Taken: 159 times
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Apocalypse Now ... And Forever  A Tribute to the Legendary Film
(Image Source: Apocalypse Now)

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1. Who directed the movie "Apocalypse Now"?
  A.   Martin Scorsese
  B.   Francis Ford Coppola
  C.   Stephen Speilberg
  D.   James Cameron

2. What city is the star of "Apocalypse Now" in when the movie opens?
  A.   Washington
  B.   Manilla
  C.   Hanoi
  D.   Saigon

3. What actor played the lead role in Apocalypse Now?
  A.   Martin Sheen
  B.   Robert Duvall
  C.   Harvey Keitel
  D.   Peter Fonda

4. What actor had a small part in Apocalypse Now after a major part in the first "Star Wars" movie to be released?
  A.   Billy Dee Williams
  B.   Carrie Fisher
  C.   Harrison Ford
  D.   Mark Hamill

5. What is the fictitious name of the river that the jouney in Apocalypse occurs on?
  A.   The Nung
  B.   The Yangtsi
  C.   The Red River
  D.   The Tan

6. What Did the Crew steal from Kilgore, the leader of the Air Cavs, when they take off up the river in thier boat.
  A.   His Radio
  B.   His Rifle
  C.   His Brandy
  D.   His Surfboard

7. What is the character name of the star of "Apocalypse Now"?
  A.   Chase
  B.   Willard
  C.   McQueen
  D.   Palmroy

8. What is the mission that the captain is on?
  A.   To defeat a band of Viet Cong holding a bridge
  B.   To rescue an important POW
  C.   To retrieve some important documents
  D.   To assasinate an American Colonel who is out of control

9. While picking Fruit in the woods one day two of the crew are almost killed by:
  A.   A Tiger
  B.   A Sniper
  C.   A Snake
  D.   A Mudslide

10. At the end of the movie, which of the boat crew was the only one left alive besides the star?
  A.   Phillips, Chief of the boat
  B.   Mr. Clean
  C.   Lance, the Surfer
  D.   Chef, the saucier from New Orleans®   

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