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User Profiles - Friends 76
Registered on July 8, 2016

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First Name: Eddie
Last Name: Bryan
Country: US
Postal Code: 32609
Favorite Actor: George Clooney
Favorite Actress: Demi Moore
Favorite Sports Star: Derek Jeter
Favorite Author: Swami Shantananda
Favorite Musician: Bruce Springsteen
About Friends 76: I am 63 and have never worked. I lived with my folks. They have both died and I am on my own. I am the last of 4 children. My parents were previously married and had children from other marriages, 2 of the 4 I am from are from my mom's first marriage. They are at least a decade older than me. My other sibling, a brother is 9 years older.
I moved to Florida with mom and dad in 1970 at age 16 soon to be 17. I graduated from a school my cousins on my father's side attended. I recently graduated from an online school in Psychology with a focus on substance abuse. I follow a spiritual path called Siddha Yoga.
Airport Sightings: Saw Dick Cavett at an Indian restaurant called Mandeer in Gainesville, Florida in the 80's. Stood next Allen Ginsburg in Boulder, Colorado during a talk by Chogyam Rinpoche. Arlo Guthrie I stood across from after a concert at the University of Florida. It®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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