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User Profiles - Domino
Registered on January 11, 2016

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First Name: Dawn
Last Name: Greenfield
Country: US
Postal Code: 88310
Favorite Actor: Robert Fuller
Favorite Actress: Elizabeth Taylor
Favorite Sports Star: Arthur Ashe
Favorite Author: Charles Dickens
Favorite Musician: Chamber Music
About Domino: I am married. I have a son, A 150 pound bullmastiff. My family takes care of me, as I am disabled,{I am In a wheelchair} and that In It self Is a job all by It's self.!!! I live In the west, and I don't like It!!! I hate the heat, I miss the ocean.!!!
Airport Sightings: was In NJ, and I saw "Boom-Boom Mancini" and his Father. I thought I was going to faint!!! This was when I was way younger, and 'Boom-Boom" was real big.!!! not that he's not yet, you understand???!!!®   

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