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User Profiles - mashavu
Registered on August 12, 2010

Alltime Points for mashavu
Points from taking Quizzes210
Points from writing Quizzes1,000
Points from taking Bio Quizzes100
Points from Writing Bio Quizzes0
Points from playing LightningTrivia0
Total Points1,310

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First Name: mashavu
Last Name: qualls
Country: US
Postal Code: 38118
Favorite Actor: shemar moore
Favorite Actress: angalia joile
Favorite Sports Star: johncena
Favorite Author: na
Favorite Musician: the jonas brothers
About mashavu: im 18yrs old im 6feet tall i love to wear high heels and im jst a fun loving person.
Airport Sightings: i meat Lyfe Jennings in my home town memphis tn and i took a pitcure with him at a block party.®   

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