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Registered on August 30, 2008

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First Name: Clare
Last Name: Robertshaw
Favorite Actor: Robert Sean Leonard
Favorite Actress: Emily Osment
Favorite Sports Star: Dirk Kuyt
Favorite Musician: FallOutBoy/PanicAtTheDisco/ChrisBrown
About ButILoveYou_Ox: Well, I'm Clare, 16, and someday i hope to be an Actress, even though my parents think i should get a 'proper' job !? Urm, just passed 11.5 GCSEs, and about to do my A Levels in English Literature, History, Business Studies, French & Latin. Uhh, live in Cumbria in a shitty little town that i can't wait to get away from =[, and want to live in America when i leave uni =]. So that's me :) x
Airport Sightings: The Queen - shook her hand :)
McFly. Oh Yah :D®   

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